Thursday 26 December 2013

That Wrestling Podcast Episode 30

I’m quite a fan of Batista. He’s not my favourite wrestler or anything like that but I appreciate the things he does well and feel the things he’s bad at are minor enough to be easily overlooked. Michael is not a fan of Batista. He can’t overlook any of the things he’s bad at and doesn’t feel the things he’s good at warrant any special praise. We did the natural thing in this situation and recorded a podcast episode arguing for and against ‘The Animal’.

This picture represents an underrated time to be a wrestling fan
And then a week later WWE announced that Batista’s returning.

Needless to say if we’d known he was coming back we would have devoted a lot more time to the topic of Batista. We probably would have altered the approach we took too, discussing who he could feud with and what he’s likely to do when he turns back up on RAW. Unfortunately we’re (again) victims of poor timing.

I remain a Batista fan. I imagine I’ll write something about his upcoming return at some point. For now you’ll have to make do with me arguing in favour of his matches with The Undertaker and Eddie Guerrero.

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