Thursday 5 December 2013

That Wrestling Podcast Episode 24

Over the years my feelings of Kane have changed almost as frequently as he has. When I first got into wrestling I found him slow and boring. After a year or two I started to appreciate him as his costume started changing and he started toying with comedy. Then I went off him again as he became overexposed, predictable and dull. And then I liked him again when he lost his mask and was revealed to have lied about his fire-damaged past.

And so on. You get the idea. I’ve swung both ways on the Kane scale.

Nothing shows power like ripping off a cage door
This time last year I wrote about how I felt that it was time for ‘The Big Red Machine’ to be written off TV as a regular character. My argument was that he’d become boring again and there was nothing left for him to do.

I was wrong. He went on to form a very popular team with Daniel Bryan (which has been quietly forgotten by WWE now) and has recently been repackaged as Corporate Kane. In my defence the Corporate gimmick is not a million miles away from what I suggested for the character when I said he should go part time. It’s just the suit, tie and office job trappings that I didn’t think of.

As you may have picked up by now, Kane is the subject of this episode. We talk about the character’s history and journey to where he is now. That includes his relationship with his “brother” The Undertaker, some of the many tag teams he’s been in over the years, and the original plan for ‘Taker at WrestleMania XIV.

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