Thursday 19 December 2013

That Wrestling Podcast Episode 28

This episode of That Wrestling Podcast sees Michael and me continue our habit of discussing WWE pay-per-views just after they’ve happened. My view of the show is already available. I’ve stated that it was WWE’s worst pay-per-view offering of the year, mainly because it featured only one match of significance and an undercard with absolutely no thought put into at all. If a show is shunting CM Punk and Daniel Bryan into meaningless filler and omitting talented guys like Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler then something’s going wrong somewhere.

AJ Styles will be back
In short Michael disagrees with this. He’s got some reasons for doing so, they’re just not ones I agree with. You might though.

TLC was not the only major show from last weekend. Ring of Honor also presented Final Battle. When we recorded that show hadn’t been made available for viewing, but we’d both read the results and discussed the matches, swerves and returns. It sounds like a show designed to set up a new direction for ROH. Sadly that direction doesn’t sound especially interesting. I’m reserving full judgement until the show’s online though, obvs.

The final topic discussed on this episode is AJ Styles contractual status with TNA. Is it a work? Is it genuine? Will he ever be back on Impact? If he is what will he do? All of that’s discussed, along with our feelings on ‘The Phenomenal One’s’ general worth to TNA and ability as a wrestler.

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