Friday 13 December 2013

The Irishman That Time Forgot

I’m concerned that people may have forgotten about Sheamus. Just because he’s currently sidelined with an injury is no reason to overlook him or stop worrying about his existence. At some point he’ll come back and start boring us to tears again. We need to be prepared for that.

‘Great White’ has been on the proverbial bench since late July, with a shoulder injury he either picked up or aggravated at Money in the Bank. Since then he’s shaved his head bald and gotten rid of his trademark facial hair. This has left him looking like a stereotypical football hooligan and made me wonder why he made the change. In the land of images that is WWE the bright red hair and pale skin look helped Sheamus to stand out from the crowd. The obvious response to this query is that he’ll regrow both by the time he returns to TV, but then why bother drawing attention to the change at all?

He's out there. Waiting to return.
Anyway, Sheamus is likely to return at or around Royal Rumble. Being a relatively big name returning at the company’s number two show of the year means Shaymo stands a good chance of being launched into one of the main plots for WrestleMania XXX. The man himself has apparently been campaigning to be next year’s Streak challenger, something that just doesn’t bear thinking about.

But I have to really, don’t I, if I’m discussing Sheamus. The reason I don’t like the sound of Undertaker v Sheamus is not solely attributable to my dislike of the Irishman. At the last four WrestleMania events ‘Taker has faced unquestionable top line names CM Punk, Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Before that he defeated Edge and Batista, both of whom are a notch below his latest three opponents but a notch above Sheamus.

You have to go all the way back to Undertaker versus Mark Henry at WrestleMania 22 in 2006 to find a man the calibre of Shaymo challenging The Streak. Even if you’re not as tolerant of Batista as I am you’re still going back to 2007. The point is that it’s been a long time since Undertaker wrestled someone who was on or close to his own level at the show. Challenging The Streak is not a star-making tool. It’s too precious a commodity for that. Streak matches have developed to the point where they need to feel like special events. Undertaker versus Sheamus would not have that feeling.

I think a better use for Sheamus upon his return would be to turn him heel and align him with The Authority. I thought he’d really catch on as a face when the turn came. He’s achieved a certain level of popularity over the last two years but nowhere near the levels I thought he’d reach. As he’d faced most people of interest before he was injured it makes sense to switch him back to the bad side for a while to stop him (further) stagnating.

A role in The Authority would be fine for him. Most people are aware of his friendship with Triple H and he’s physically large enough to make a convincing enforcer for the group. It would a feasible, believable development, and that’s what’s important. It wouldn’t completely relegate Sheamus but at the same time it wouldn’t put him in an unduly high position.

Yes. A heel turn and alliance with old foe Triple H. That’s what I’m hoping for for Sheamus. You all should be too. Because the alternative is, frankly, horrifying.

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