Saturday 21 December 2013

The First Disciple

There can't be any doubt that Bray Wyatt is the star of the Wyatt Family stable. He's the promo man, the stated leader, and the man for whom the group is named. The act is built around him and without him it wouldn’t exist. It's clear that he's the member most expected to become a star once the Family dissolves (whenever that happens).

It's all with good reason. Bray is the most promising of the three Family boys. But that doesn't mean he's the only member who stands a chance of becoming a singles star.

I'm not talking about Erick Rowan here. The man with the upside down Sheamus face makes a good henchman but nothing about him makes me think he could be a success by himself. His matches so far have been perfectly satisfactory but nothing more. I've yet to hear him speak, which indicates WWE are no comfortable letting him do so. Perhaps most importantly he possesses the look of a hulking mid-carder rather than someone who'd headline a pay-per-view.

The dishevelled look is so in
I have different feelings about Luke Harper. At a glance there’s not that much difference between him and his boiler suit-clad partner. They're around the same height and dress in the same dishevelled manner but Harper does a lot more to set himself apart. He's introduced his alligator roll hold-slash-move and seems to have a better grasp of how to time what he does during matches to get reactions from crowds. The head rocking and croaking combo he does is a suitably eerie addition to the Family act too.

None of these things are going to get him a main event spot, obviously. The day a wrestler lolling their head back and forth while making a sound that may or may not be based on that of an alligator gets them promoted is the day WWE changes beyond all recognition. But they are signs that Harper understands how to make little additions to his act that make the whole far more enjoyable and, more importantly, memorable. Such a trait is what’s needed for a wrestler to set themselves apart in WWE.

I can't imagine him in a pay-per-view main event but I can envisage him as a meaningful part of the middle of the card. That being an area that looks like it’s going to be overhauled over the next couple of years means that this is a good sign for our man, rather than the vote of no confidence it’s been over the last half decade or so. For a man who is currently heavily reliant on his cult leader manager I think that's pretty good.

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