Sunday 8 December 2013

That Wrestling Podcast Episode 25

Cesaro deserved a World Heavyweight title match more than Orton
I had planned to change my habits and start writing substantial entries for the podcast posts, but it's failed to happen. In this episode we discuss Sin Cara leaving WWE and I originally planned to accompany this podcast on a bit of writing on that. But it became lengthy enough to stand on its own, so it will. Tomorrow.

The other main topics discussed are the TLC pay-per-view and Davey Richards' current career direction. I'll (obviously) be posting about TLC nearer the time while I've already posted something about Davey Richards (read that here). As interesting as the possibility of Richards ending his time on the indies in Dragon Gate and-or EVOLVE is one piece of writing and one mention on a podcast is enough.

All of which has resulted in another workmanlike, conversational piece of writing where I have very little to say but feel compelled to say something because, well, there needs to be some writing addressing what's discussed in the podcast. I'm a creature of habit.

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