Tuesday 4 June 2013

Attitude, Charisma, Heart

I’ve said many times that the release of TJ Perkins from his Ring of Honor contract last was a mistake and that he's the sort of wrestler they should want to push. He has charisma, a great range of moves and a marketable look. ROH can't ask for more than that.

Luckily for TJP he seems to have gotten himself a gig wrestling for TNA as Suicide. Awful video game nonsense aside it's good for him. He's a talented guy who deserves the spot. Ring of Honor's decision to let Perkins go was foolish but they have at least done what they can to rectify the problem since. Specifically they've hired ACH.
This guy could be a player if treated right

Like Perkins ACH knows how to get on with a crowd, has an awe inspiring range of aerial manoeuvres and has a marketable look. Being paired with Tadarius Thomas is a further plus point. It will allow both men to grow into larger roles naturally while contributing to an area ROH seems determined to cultivate. Which is a good business move in itself because no other North American wrestling company seems bothered about presenting meaningful tag team wrestling.

As good as TJP was in ROH there was a distinct lack of direction for him throughout most of his time there. I'm not just talking about him being given the summer off. That was, in retrospect, ROH's way of releasing a popular talent that they had no plans for in a way designed to minimize backlash. Even before that TJP had been added to cards late and was usually placed into a losing effort designed to make others look good. It was an uninspiring approach that was never going to turn him into a major player.

The more focused booking of Delirious should see Attitude, Charisma, Heart (yep, that's what it most commonly stands for) sidestep that issue. With so many excellent teams in ROH ACH and Thomas have plenty of great matches in front of them in which to get themselves to stand out. By the time the team runs its course, and it will, they'll both be well positioned to step into meaningful singles roles. As the more dynamic of the pair ACH should stand every chance of being a singles star when that happens.

In short I think ACH is one of the stars ROH will be built around for a significant period of time. And that's a good thing.

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