Saturday 1 November 2014

NXTweet 30.10.14

It wasn’t until this week’s episode had whizzed by that I realised it had been really rather enjoyable. It’s probably because Bull Dempsey had a match. I love a Bull Dempsey match.

Sami Zayn talking to a cameraman backstage, featuring Titus O’Neil

Tweet 1: I am watching NXT.
Tweet 2: Sami Zayn in a locker room wearing a fetching flat cap. Strong opening.
Tweet 3: Titus rocking a pink plaid shirt and a pocket handkerchief. This episode could not have a better start.
Tweet 4: That was mind-blowing stuff. #clothing is a draw

Enzo Amore and Big Cass v The Ascension v Tye Dillinger and Jason Jordan v The Vaudevillains v Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake: Number one contendership tag team battle royal

Tweet 5: Five teams in a battle royal. Wouldn't a turmoil have been better? Haven't had one of those for ages and they can be great.
Tweet 6: Is it a battle royal to avoid The Ascension losing a match?
Tweet 7: Just a reminder: Big Cass is seven feet tall and you can't teach that.
Tweet 8: Tensai's strategy would be to "attack the weakest link." Searing insight.
Tweet 9: The crowd are not mad about this match. I'm not either. Battle royals are tough sells. Hopefully it'll pick up at the final two though.
Tweet 10: The Ascension eliminating two teams there, reminding us that we should consider them a big deal.

Better than any tag match you'll see on RAW.

Tweet 11: Wouldn't someone tall be easier to throw over the top rope? They're closer to it. Shorter guys need hauling up. #wrestlinglogic
Tweet 12: Hideo Itami on distraction duty there. This feud is... not great.
Tweet 13: It could have been though. That's the sad part.
Tweet 14: Vaudevillains win off an Itami distraction then run away from The Ascension. Itami then takes a double team move from No Mercy on the N64.
Tweet 15: Konnor telling Itami to go home. The subtlety! The drama!

Carmella v Emma

Tweet 16: They really got it wrong with Emma on the main roster.
Tweet 17: "Mind games from Emma" - Rich Brennan as Emma performed a basic comedy spot
Tweet 18: Carmella checking her nails as she chokes Emma, there. So... she's a heel aligned with two of NXT's most popular guys?
Tweet 19: That finisher on Carmella though...

Good hold.

Bull Dempsey v Justin Gabriel

Tweet 20: Justin Gabriel is walking to the ring. I'm going to accept this episode will not be all it could be.
Tweet 21: Bull Dempsey and his large Taz look have cheered me up.
Tweet 22: Has Taz got a training school? He strikes me as the sort of man who would open a training school in a cold garage in Brooklyn.
Tweet 23: Dempsey using the running standing splash is lol.
Tweet 24: Top rope headbutt. No negative connotations to that move.

Lovely knees on Bull.

Baron Corbin v Tony Briggs

Tweet 25: Is Baron his name or his title?
Tweet 26: I'm guessing that Briggs guy has an amateur background?
Tweet 27: I'm still not interested in Baron Corbin.

Hideo Itami backstage

Tweet 28: Hideo Itami telling us he's going to ring a friend to fight The Ascension there. Wonder who that will be.
Tweet 29: I generally try and avoid spoilers but that's one that was (understandably) forced down my throat. Not literally, thankfully.

Marcus Louis v Sylvester Lefort

Tweet 30: Sylvester Lefort is great.
Tweet 31: Marcus Louis is... not. He does look a bit like Kane though. That's something.

Lefort versus mid-00s Kane.

Tweet 32: I want Louis to join a stable as a man who sees himself as a deformed monster. A manager could have fun with that.
Tweet 33: NXT needs a manager or two, obvs.

Sami Zayn v Titus O’Neil

Tweet 34: Titus O'Neil and Sami Zayn again? Is this another one for the Best of Titus O'Neil DVD?
Tweet 35: Tensai running his mouth about territories there.
Tweet 36: I think Titus just shouted something about a man shop. What is a man shop and why is Titus talking about them?
Tweet 37: If Titus wins this match does NXT become NXTITUS? You know, like he said a week or two ago.
Tweet 38: "That's disrespectful!" - Renee Young on Titus, a heel, shouting at fans
Tweet 39: Titus versus Ziggler would probably be a good match with some time to it.
Tweet 40: For that matter so would Zayn versus Ziggler.
Tweet 41: Imagine Ziggler versus Ziggler though. That'd be something...

Helluva kicking Titus's head in, there.

Tweet 42: Zayn wins with an Exploder and a Helluva kick. Just like that. Not much build to the finish.
Tweet 43: That win was improbable. Apparently.
Tweet 44: Tyler Breeze out to set up a match with Zayn for next week. I'm up for that. I'm assuming Zayn will win.
Tweet 45: Tyler Breeze just doing some posing to end the show there. Standard.
Tweet 46: That flew by. I obviously enjoyed it more than I realised. Good episode.
Tweet 47: "I obviously enjoyed it more than I realised" - Dave with a glowing endorsement for NXT

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