Saturday 22 November 2014

NXTweet 20.11.14

Way more matches than normal. That was something. Unfortunately none of them were anything special and the main event was a promo. If this were a piece of homework and I were a teacher it would be graded a D with “See me after class” written on it.


Tweet 1: It's NXTweetin' time!
Tweet 2: Last week... Sami Zayn danced and mentioned destiny.
Tweet 3: Last week... Adrian Neville retained after a shady rollup.
Tweet 4: Last week... some kid in the audience looked astonished Zayn had lost. Poor little mite.

Bayley v Becky Lynch

Tweet 5: Becky Lynch has changed her plaid for camo. It's an improvement but not much of one.
Tweet 6: "Irish spitfire!" - Alex Riley on Becky Lynch
Tweet 7: Tights grab. Heel.


Tweet 8: Renee saying that Charlotte's job is to keep the women's division together there. Nah, it's to wrestle. But whatevs.

Bayley and Charlotte chat in a locker room

Tweet 9: Charlotte and Bayley teleported backstage to have a chat. And oh noes, Charlotte won't be around to help next week.
Tweet 10: Rare bit of sloppy editing that.

The Vaudevillains v Mini Lucha Dragons

Tweet 11: #Vaudevillainspop
Tweet 12: The Vaudevillains demand a title shot. Two midgets come out. Classic WWE booking.
Tweet 13: In unrelated news Ed Ferrera works at Full Sail.

This is vintage WWE stuff. Vintage!

Tweet 14: Gotch doing power spots on a midget is funnier than it should be.
Tweet 15: I think it's because his gimmick is "power guy" but he's too small to do it convincingly on most of the roster.
Tweet 16: I say most of the roster like these fake Lucha Dragons are signed. They're not. But after that performance...

Kevin Owens hype video

Tweet 17: Hmmmmmm... That guy in the 11.12.14 (British dating) video looked familiar.

Elias Sampson v Baron Corbin

Tweet 18: Oh good. Baron Corbin. So we're getting a third unremarkable match in a row.
Tweet 19: Elias Sampson is today's Corbin fodder. He didn't last long.
Tweet 20: The audience are chanting "twenty-two" as though Sampson lasted that long. He didn't. They were counting fast.
Tweet 21: And Sampson looks like a bargain bin Enzo.

Bull Dempsey v Steve Cutler

Tweet 22: Bull Dempsey is my boy.
Tweet 23: He's getting booed because he didn't job out his guy in under thirty seconds.

This looks a bit... dirty is probably the best word to use.

Tweet 24: Bull won with Air Canada. Because Benoit references.
Tweet 25: Four matches in. None have gone longer than five minutes. This is not the best week to start watching NXT.

Tyson Kidd v CJ Parker

Tweet 26: And now we've got Tyson Kidd. Because I guess sometimes you've got to put on a deliberately bad episode.
Tweet 27: CJ Parker and his skimpy trunks can't save this show. But bless him for trying.
Tweet 28: The audience doesn't know who to back. Go with CJP. He's wearing white boots do he's the more babyface.

Even Tyson's feeling the pain of this Sharpshooter.

Tweet 29: CJ tapped to the Sharpshooter. That result shouldn't surprise anyone.
Tweet 30: Tyson saying he'll excellently execute Finn Bálor next week. So there we are. That's something.

Enzo Amore, Big Cass and Carmella have a chat backstage

Tweet 31: Carmella, Enzo and Big Cass. Remember that they exist? They gotta match, bro!

Enzo Amore and Big Cass v Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

Tweet 32: Fascinated by Enzo's modern day Road Dogg shtick.
Tweet 33: The Mechanics! YES!
Tweet 34: They weren't referred to as The Mechanics though. Guessing that name's been dropped. Bad call, booking boys.
Tweet 35: Rock, paper, scissors just confirms that Enzo and Cass are intended as a modern day New Age Outlaws. Which I'm cool with, for the record.

Leopard print is back in.

Tweet 36: If Jim Cornette were with WWE today Dawson and Wilder are the kind of team he'd be managing.
Tweet 37: The Ascension attack both teams after the match. Because why not?
Tweet 38: Viktor's chatting about Bálor too. He's a popular man.
Tweet 39: "The Ascension will rise again!" - Konor, who should have said they'd ascend, because grammar lols

Sami Zayn promo, featuring Adrian Neville and William Regal

Tweet 40: Sami Zayn has wonderful dress sense.
Tweet 41: Another airing for the last week video? That's another questionable bit of editing. Maybe they've got some new students in.
Tweet 42: Adrian Neville is dressed like 1999 Matt Hardy.
Tweet 43: Stick him in a tag team with Michael Hayes.
Tweet 44: "Regaaaaaal!" - Some woman in the audience at the mention of William Regal

Solid promo work from two guys not known as great talkers. Promising.

Tweet 45: Great work from both guys here. Zayn making the title seem important and his motivations clear. Sympathetic character.
Tweet 46: Neville doing good work as the allegedly fightin' champs with ever so slight shades of villainy to him.
Tweet 47: And speaking of villains: William Regal.
Tweet 48: Regal announcing a Takeover event with textspeak in the title to end the show sums this episode up nicely.

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