Monday 17 November 2014

The Hollywood Entourage

Over the last couple of months a pairing has emerged from the nether realm that is the WWE mid-card. A pairing that’s taken what little they were given by the company’s legion of writers and turned it into something that fans look forward reacting to and seeing. I’m talking, of course, about The Miz and Damien Sandow.

"No, you're the coolest!"
That should probably be Damien Mizdow. That’s the name Sandow trades under since being taken on as Miz’s stunt double, a natural (for wrestling) progression from the generic imitation gimmick he’d been lumbered with for months. You’ll probably have seen Mizdow in action, so you don’t need me to tell you that he mimics everything Miz does backstage, in the ring, and at ringside, or how funny it is.

As Mizdow, Sandow has taken something that sounded like nothing more than filler material and turned it into one of the highlights of WWE’s TV output. That’s quite the achievement and he deserves all the praise he’s had for it.

Miz hasn’t been a slouch in this time either. Since returning from his latest sabbatical filming a straight-to-the-bargain-bin DVD movie ‘The Awesome One’ has done some of the best work of his career. Promos have always been more his forte than wrestling, and he’s overhauled his approach with them, playing the mostly oblivious babyface who doesn’t realise how contemptible he is. The gurning and frat boy attitude are gone, replaced by a character clearly modelled on genuine Hollywood A-listers.

He’s also tightened up his in-ring offerings. Miz is never going to be the greatest wrestler but he’s improved his already good selling and concentrated on making his signature moves mean more. He’s also making better use of the Skull-Crushing Finale and the figure four leg lock. It’s made for far more enjoyable matches from him.

Miz and Mizdow are great together. I’ve previously advocated a gradual split for them, the logic being that WWE should capitalise on the popularity of the Mizdow character. But after thinking on it more I don’t think that’s necessarily the best move. The appeal of Mizdow is seeing him hamming it up while copying Miz. Yeah it’d be great to see him stand up for himself and turn on his egotistical boss but once that feud were over there’d be nothing for him to do.

Not literally, of course. The natural thing to do with Sandow if he became a singles babyface with the Mizdow gimmick would be to have him imitate the moves of guys he’s feuding with while they’re wrestling. It would give people what they want from the character without having to have him linked to The Miz. But we all know WWE’s current booking approach wouldn’t allow for that. Sandow would become just another mid-card babyface being used like everyone else within a month of his programme with Miz finishing.

This man is a natural bodyguard call-up.
So, as I say, they’re better together. There’s actually potential in them as the basis of a larger faction. As a male model Tyler Breeze would be a natural stablemate for a supposed movie star. He could be introduced as an allegedly A-list pal of Miz’s. A security guard character would also be a natural fit. Bull Dempsey would be ideal for that role, and there are probably other suitable candidates yet to be used on the NXT show.

This stable would allow WWE to build on the popularity of Miz and Mizdow by associating newcomers with them. Breeze and Dempsey would debut in high profile spots but wouldn’t be under as much pressure to immediately succeed. It would also be a readymade feud. After a few months of the group getting along Breeze and Dempsey could turn on Miz and Mizdow, creating a tag match people would care about (largely because of Mizdow’s involvement) and setting up a new pairing that could be spun off into the mid-card: Tyler Breeze and his bodyguard Bull Dempsey.

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