Saturday 8 November 2014

NXTweet 06.11.14

The episode where Finn Bálor debuted. Some other stuff happened too, but it wasn’t nearly as memorable or significant.

Tyler Breeze v Sami Zayn

Tweet 1: I am watching NXT. Join me.
Tweet 2: Tyler Breeze is one of the few wrestlers who doesn't look awful in green.
Tweet 3: *Glances at Mojo Rawley*
Tweet 4: Alex Riley just described himself as a humble reporter. So he's a reporter, a journalist, and an analyst. Not a wrestler though.
Tweet 5: Is Breeze saying he came "this close" to beating Zayn or mocking the size of his penis?
Tweet 6: The NXT announce team used to feature Renee Young and William Regal. It now features Alex Riley and Jason Train.
Tweet 7: Breeze's boot has lost a dreadlock. Shouldn't have bought them down the market.

Good match. Not their best though.

Tweet 8: A-Ry popping off about Zayn winning the big one. Let's not forget the biggest win of his career was over The Miz.
Tweet 9: Good match. The crowd not being that into it hurt it though. A lot of them looked bored. Probably expected a faster pace to come in.
Tweet 10: Which was a fair expectation given the guys in the match.
Tweet 11: For the record Breeze's super kick being called the supermodel kick is excellent.

Renee Young interviews Adrian Neville

Tweet 12: Renee Young is on backstage interview duty while Alex Riley is at the announce desk. Something is wrong here.
Tweet 13: Adrian Neville unsubtly continuing to hint at his future heel turn. Solid stuff.

Dash Wilder v Tyson Kidd

Tweet 14: Dash Wilder was wearing a back-to-front baseball cap when he walked to the ring. Give the guy a skateboard and call him 'The Dynamic Dude'.
Tweet 15: I could imagine Kidd v Wilder happening in WCW if WCW were still around. It has that feel to it.
Tweet 16: If someone cheers for Tyson Kidd in the woods but there's no one there to hear it is Tyson over?
Tweet 17: "Young upstart Dash Wilder" - Rich 'Coiner of Phrases' Brennan

Should've kept your baseball cap on, mate.

Tweet 18: Finally someone taps out straight away to the Sharpshooter.

Marcus Louis thumps a wall and mumbles to himself backstage

Tweet 19: Meanwhile Marcus Louis is wearing a hoodie and doing a crazy schizophrenic gimmick. Lovely stuff.

Renee Young interviews Sami Zayn

Tweet 20: Sami Zayn feels like a Count and wants the NXT title. Effective stuff.
Tweet 21: The Count reference was not needed though.

Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch v Charlotte and Bayley

Tweet 22: Becky Lynch is bad now. But she's still wearing that crummy gear.
Tweet 23: You know what Charlotte needs for her entrances? A robe. Woooooo!
Tweet 24: The reaction Sasha got for running away from Charlotte made it pretty clear the NXT audience would get into Charlotte v Sasha.
Tweet 25: Definitely deserves to be done as a singles match at the next Takeover event.
Tweet 26: Now I've said that they'll do it on TV.
Tweet 27: Well, Takeover's on TV, but you know what I mean.

This looks more impressive still than it did in motion.

Tweet 28: Best sequence they could do with the NXT women's division is have Sasha beat Charlotte via shenanigans then have Bayley chase Sasha.
Tweet 29: Because Charlotte's getting main rostered once she loses that belt.
Tweet 30: Sasha Banks "stole the show" at MSG according to A-Ry.
Tweet 31: Sasha Banks needed that win. Good finish. Got her over as devious.

Renee Young chats to William Regal

Tweet 32: William Regal looking at a computer there. Probably best we didn't see what was on it...
Tweet 33: Basically Regal confirmed Zayn versus Neville for the title next week. Fills up the minutes, dunnit?

The Ascension call out Hideo Itami and his super-duper mystery partner

Tweet 34: Legion of Ascension.
Tweet 35: Viktor has a microphone. Brace yourselves...
Tweet 36: Hideo's done his hair nicely.
Tweet 37: Finn Bálor is his mystery partner! What a shock! Rumour websites definitely didn't spoil this for anyone!

If only they'd been clear about his name...

Tweet 38: Fair play to Itami for getting an Irish pestilence demon to tag with him.
Tweet 39: The Ascension took a pasting but they weren't pinned it submitted. Still a level of protection for them as a unit. Impressive.
Tweet 40: Bálor looked good. It wasn't the greatest thing ever. But then it wasn't meant to be. It was meant to get him over as a beast. And it did.
Tweet 41: Very good bit of NXT that. Every match (and main event brawl) told a story and was performed well.
Tweet 42: Even Dash Wilder's baseball cap couldn't ruin things.

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  1. Have to admit to quite seriously marking out when Finn appeared, he's looking even more ripped than before. A great debut I thought.