Saturday 15 November 2014

NXTweet 13.11.14

Finn Bálor's in-ring debut and a championship match. This was a memorable, and very enjoyable, episode of NXT.

Opening recap video

Tweet 1: I am about to watch NXT.
Tweet 2: Little recap of Itami being fed up with The Ascension and summoning a plague demon to help rough them up.
Tweet 3: Kicks. Loadsa kicks.
Tweet 4: Matt Striker would have marked out at Bálor's debut.

Finn Bálor promo, featuring Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel and Hideo Itami

Tweet 5: Finn Bálor. From jobbing out The Legion of Ascension in a main event to jerking the curtain. Stop holding him down, WWE! #sarcasm
Tweet 6: I had to add that sarcasm bit because, sadly, some people would have thought I was being serious if I hadn't.
Tweet 7: "My name is Finn Bálor" - Fergal Devitt

What is this man's name?

Tweet 8: Tyson Kidd's robbed Regal's colours off of Bryan.
Tweet 9: Kidd talking about Bálor having only been in NXT for a cup of coffee. He debuted last week. Even by wrestling standards that's short coffee.
Tweet 10: Did Justin Gabriel borrow those tights off a 60s Batman villain?

Finn Bálor and Hideo Itami v Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel

Tweet 11: Impromptu tag match, playa. Holla!
Tweet 12: Prince A-Train telling us that NXT's newest superstar used to clean toilets in Japan. That'll help him.
Tweet 13: Gabriel and Kidd should be a tag team on the main roster. They could do good stuff with the dusts and the Usos.
Tweet 14: Why would Kidd be getting opportunities because he's married to Natalya? It's not like she's a big star.
Tweet 15: And what are these opportunities? He's been with the company for years and has been demoted to NXT.
Tweet 16: Stupid commentary, basically.
Tweet 17: Bálor's foot stomp is... very believable.

A recap of the Zayn v Neville rivalry

Tweet 18: This callback to the November 27 2013 episode is great. Exactly the sort of thing that separates NXT from main WWE. And makes it better.
Tweet 19: That 2013 match was great by the way.

Devin Taylor interviews Sami Zayn

Tweet 20: Flat cap alert.
Tweet 21: Zayn revealing he believes in destiny there. I think less of him now.
Tweet 22: Alberto Del Zayn.

Sasha Banks v Alexa Bliss

Tweet 23: This Banks and Lynch pairing could be good. Lynch is going to need some more appropriate ring gear though.
Tweet 24: Alexa's curtseying all over the place. Probably been taking tips from Regal.
Tweet 25: Sasha using the Bow and Arrow there. I still think that should be a Bo Dallas move.

Fairy cheerleader in trouble there.

Tweet 26: Did that end early because Bliss started bleeding? And was the blood the reason for the ECW chant?
Tweet 27: I reckon Becky Lynch is a big Lita fan.

Devin Taylor interviews Adrian Neville

Tweet 28: Best thing about Adrian Neville here is his T-shirt.
Tweet 29: Nev says Sami's leaving without the gold again. But you would say that wouldn't you mate?

Lucha Dragons v Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy

Tweet 30: Lol at Sin Cara wearing a long-sleeved tee to the ring.
Tweet 31: Murphy and Blake's music is priceless.
Tweet 32: Murphy and Blake want to be the most functional tag team in NXT. That is a decidedly unlofty goal. I like it. Realism in rasslin'.
Tweet 33: Can't tell Murphy and Blake apart? Don't worry, they've got you covered with their names written on their tights!

Acrobatics yo.

Tweet 34: I still think Murphy looks like a short, young Undertaker.
Tweet 35: Youngertaker.
Tweet 36: Still waiting for A-Ry to slip up and mention Benoit.
Tweet 37: Rich Brennan confusing Cara and Kalisto. Great work. They'll make a WWE commentator of you yet.
Tweet 38: Cara with a one arm powerbomb. Because he's a powerhouse now apparently.
Tweet 39: Blake and Murphy lost. That wasn't very functional of them.

Devin Taylor interviews The Vaudevillains

Tweet 40: #Vaudevillainspop
Tweet 41: #Gotchvoicepop
Tweet 42: He has a silky smooth voice to go with his silky smooth moustache.

NXT Championship: Adrian Neville (c) v Sami Zayn

Tweet 43: "Adrian Neville thinks Greedo shot first" - Some Star Wars fans in the audience
Tweet 44: "Sami's better" chant from the crowd there. Can't say I disagree.
Tweet 45: Excellent opening few minutes. Crisp action and a logical, understandable opening to the story of the match.
Tweet 46: "Those are all great facts" - Alex Riley on facts
Tweet 47: This episode of NXT has featured more over the top rope dives than the average RAW.
Tweet 48: Now that they've established quarterly specials would WWE ever have the NXT championship change hands on a regular TV episode?
Tweet 49: This ref is distractingly buff. He's more stacked than Zayn.
Tweet 50: He threw up the X so you know it's rea- oh wait, Neville was faking. #swerve

"So close, mate," said soon-to-be-heel Adrian Neville.

Tweet 51: The ending made complete sense but it still harmed the match overall. Natural setup for a rematch at Takeover: Insert Subtitle Here.
Tweet 52: Yeah, good. Good show.

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