Sunday 24 August 2014

NXTweet 21.08.14

Here we are. For the fifth week in a row it’s some tweets about NXT. I might stop doing it soon. Familiarity breeds contempt and all that.


Tweet 1: It's NXT tweetin' time.
Tweet 2: That NXT chant from the audience isn't at all forced.

Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore v The Vaudevillains

Tweet 3: Anyone else reckon Road Dogg gave Enzo a heads up on coming up with lengthy spiel?
Tweet 4: Enzo and Big Cass versus The Vaudevillains is about as close as it gets to an NXT dream tag match. This episode's starting strong.
Tweet 5: Enzo's hair.
Tweet 6: Gotch catching Enzo. #powerhouse
Tweet 7: That match was way shorter than I thought it would be. Good for what it was... but it could've been so much more.

Old school heat-garnering.

Tweet 8: Sylvester Lefort shaving Enzo's beard. That's some Memphis heat right there.
Tweet 9:  Enzo's reaction? Clutching at his cheek, looking stunned, and saying "Bro." That's why he's great. Bro.
Tweet 10: I'm cool with The Vaudevillains winning but it would have been nice to see Enzo and Cass face The Ascension.

Triple H in-ring promo announcing Takeover 2

Tweet 11: Ahhhhhh... here's the reason that opener went short. A Triple H promo.
Tweet 12: Maybe he should try milking the crowd a bit more.
Tweet 13: Triple H's eyes are too far apart. I've only just noticed that.
Tweet 14: New GM. As long as it's not Jericho I'll be cool with it.
Tweet 15: Why do a pre-recorded announcement when you can get yourself some ring time, eh?

Tyler Breeze talks to Devin Taylor

Tweet 16: Most gorgeous champion in NXT history.
Tweet 17: Not just a pretty face. Breeze should get that scrawled on his tights.
Tweet 18: "I want GORGEOUS down this side, and I want GORGEOUS down this side!" I miss Mike Awesome.

Tyler Breeze v Tyson Kidd

Tweet 19: I feel it's important to point out that both Kidd and Breeze are Canadian.
Tweet 20: "He's worrying about what his wife's doing..." - Renee Young, as though caring for a spouse is a bad thing
Tweet 21: Count out win for Kidd. That's the first win I can remember him getting in the last month.

Charlotte v Becky Lynch

Tweet 22: It's not really clear whether we're meant to like Charlotte or not.
Tweet 23: Becky Lynch needs to get called up to the main roster and put in a group with Sheamus, Devitt and Hornswoggle. That'd be money.
Tweet 24: It wouldn’t.
Tweet 25: Charlotte trying to nail her dad's mannerisms there. Subpar.

A perfectly satisfactory match this.

Tweet 26: "She's been bred for success" - Byron Saxton on Charlotte
Tweet 27: That was fine. Nothing else to say about it. Charlotte doesn't seem to bother with crowd interaction.

Enzo and Big Cass challenge The Legionnaires to a hair versus hair match

Tweet 28: Enzo's pronunciation of Lefort.
Tweet 29: Hair versus hair, mon frère.
Tweet 30: Renee's a fan of hair versus hair matches. What's to be a fan of?

Mojo Rawley v Steve Cutler, followed by a Mojo Rawley promo

Tweet 31: Mojo Rawley. *rolls eyes*
Tweet 32: I'm pleased to see most people have remained seated for Mojo's overly bouncy entrance.
Tweet 33: Steve Cutler does not look entirely dissimilar to a young John Felix Anthony Cena.
Tweet 34: Mojo's backside-based moves getting lightly booed there.

Reckon Steve Cutler was hyped taking this move?

Tweet 35: Nobody cares about Mojo. It's like CJ Parker all over again. But at least CJ had a character that could be altered. What else can Mojo do?
Tweet 36: "The smile... is gone!" - Mojo Rawley on losing his smile

Sami Zayn and Adam Rose v Sin Cara and Kalisto

Tweet 37: WWE could do far worse than promote Kalisto to the main roster to tag with Sin Cara there. They could do well against the Usos I reckon.
Tweet 38: They should dress up someone in the Exotic entourage like Leo Kruger.
Tweet 39: Sooner or later Kalisto is going to be on the main roster as a singles guy in the old Rey Mysterio significant masked fella role.

Jazz hands.

Tweet 40: That handstand spot from Kalisto.
Tweet 41: I don't think Sin Cara's botched anything yet...
Tweet 42: Ahhhhhh... he messed the headscissors on Zayn up a bit. Good lad.
Tweet 43: So they're doing Sin Cara and Kalisto versus The Vaudevillains. I suspect the luchas may find themselves booed.
Tweet 44: No post-match Code of Honor handshake. Poor form.

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