Sunday 17 August 2014

NXTweet 14.08.14

Comments from Twitter on the most recent episode of NXT, collated here for your ease and-or enjoyment. Please enjoy at your leisure.


Tweet 1: Gonna tweet some NXT, innit...
Tweet 2: Recap of that Zayn v Breeze match from Takeover. Even with the iffy finish it was great.
Tweet 3: Plus, y'know, Regal's commentary.
Tweet 4: Instead of releasing Teddy Long they should've made him a referee in NXT. Only officiating tag matches, naturally.

Mojo Rawley and Bull Dempsey v The Vaudevillains

Tweet 5: Bull Dempsey: yes. Mojo Rawley: no.
Tweet 6: Nojo Rawley.
Tweet 7: I love that The Vaudevillains are so over.

NXT doesn't get much better than this.

Tweet 8: Bull Dempsey is "the last of the old warriors"? That's got to get a lol.
Tweet 9: Renee Young likes everything Bull stands for. Get a room, Renee.
Tweet 10: It couldn't have been more obvious that Bull was going to turn on Mojo there. Still funny though.
Tweet 11: Crowd chanting "Thank you, Bull!"
Tweet 12: What we've learned from this match is that The Vaudevillains are massively over and nobody likes Mojo Rawley. Both good things.

Sasha Banks and Bayley backstage

Tweet 13: "What you should do is go back to Lala Land" - Sasha Banks to Bayley. I mention this as I think Bayley should be announced from Lala Land
Tweet 14: That Slam City advert. Cena keeps the WWE title in a draw and The Rock sounds nothing like The Rock. Tremendous.

Bayley v Sasha Banks

Tweet 15: Bayley is like Emma before she went all thiefy.
Tweet 16: That "Bayley's gonna hug you!" chant.
Tweet 17: That was the slickest mat wrestling pin exchange I can remember seeing in WWE for a long time. Slick stuff yo.
Tweet 18: Suggestion to the WWE seamstress team: make Bayley's tights busier.

If Breeze and Neville hadn't headlined this probs would've been match of the night.

Tweet 19: Tom Phillips calling Sasha cold blooded has made me think of Matt Hardy. That's definitely not your job, Tom.
Tweet 20: I'd enjoy it a lot if WWE re-signed Matt and made him restart in NXT. I'd enjoy him becoming an NXT trainer a lot less.
Tweet 21: Not that I think either's on the cards.
Tweet 22: What was the point of that 'Cold Blooded' nickname he was pushing? If it was to do anything but make people laugh it was a fail.
Tweet 23: Sasha's backstabber into a crossface was beautiful. Nice counter pin finish too. I liked that match a lot.
Tweet 24: Wouldn't be surprised if Bayley won the women's championship to free Charlotte up for a move to the main roster.
Tweet 25: They want something for Flair to do. Managing his daughter is good an idea as any.

Sin Cara and Kalisto v Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake

Tweet 26: Sin Cara and Kalisto's team name should be Carlisto.
Tweet 27: Kalisto standing on the rope pumping his arms like a madman makes him look like El Torito. Maybe get a minis division going so they can feud.
Tweet 28: Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy. Me neither...
Tweet 29: Murphy looks like a short, young Undertaker. Their tights have a Rockers feel.
Tweet 30: Sin Cara mentoring Kalisto. Because Cara's had so much success and should definitely be mentoring guys. #kayfabe
Tweet 31: Sin Cara just botched a clothesline. Doesn't matter who's under the mask, the character always botches. Just go full JT Smith with it.
Tweet 32: What had Blake and Murphy done to get into that tournament? Guess we'll never know.

Team Carlisto.

The Legionnaires speak at Devin Taylor

Tweet 33: Meanwhile The Legionnaires are pushing a rivalry with Enzo and Big Cass.
Tweet 34: And speaking with French accents that wouldn't be out of place in 'Allo, 'Allo, natch.

NXT championship: Adrian Neville (c) v Tyler Breeze

Tweet 35: Can Mike Dalton become the NXT champion?
Tweet 36: I'm surprised, and pleased, that WWE haven't recycled John Morrison's old parkour gimmick for Adrian Neville.
Tweet 37: #seasonalresidence
Tweet 38: Nobody's ever going to have a seasonal residence in Newcastle.
Tweet 39: Tyson Kidd standing on the desk, there. Because why not, I guess?
Tweet 40: As usual Tyson is plastered in makeup. Not a good-looking man, clearly.
Tweet 41: Pretty sure Kidd is wearing a non-merch hoodie. If so I approve.
Tweet 42: Maybe Nev should invest in some slightly larger trunks. #justsaying

Standing shooting star press from Nev, there.

Tweet 43: "The land of no return!" - Byron Saxton on the top rope
Tweet 44: That tornado DDT and the way Nev sold it is one of the best things I've seen this year.
Tweet 45: Tyson's hoodie has his name written on it so I assume it is merch. Pity.
Tweet 46: Storyline-wise Nev totally brought on that Tyson interference. He super kicked the guy for no reason. Perhaps he didn't have a ticket...
Tweet 47: Kidd, Nev and Breeze having a three-way ruck is "chaos" apparently.
Tweet 48: Zayn makes the save. If this were a SmackDown episode from a few years back Teddy Long would be making a tag match about now.

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