Thursday 7 August 2014

Needs More Nash

You know what wrestling needs? Another Kevin Nash.

'Big Sexy' may not have been the greatest wrestler ever but he didn't need to be. He was a Big Man, and rules for Big Men are different to the rules for average guys or small guys. It is, for better or worse, how wrestling works. In fairness he wasn't the best Big Man to ever step into the ring either. But he had other desirable attributes that made up (and still do) for that.

They didn't call him 'Big Daddy Cool' for nothing.
The best thing about Nash is his sense of humour. It got out of control in WCW (even before he was put in charge of the creative team and could book himself to participate in all the nonsense segments he wanted) but during his initial run in the WWF it was pitched perfectly. Nash knew when and how to crack a joke to get crowds on side, and when and how to incorporate the funnies into a match. For a guy who spent his (short) prime years in the main event that was a useful tool. It’s one very few current guys have.

Nash is also a riot on pretty much any shoot interview you care to pick. Although that's at least partly down to a healthy supply of wine and the fact that the basic concept plays to his strengths. The shoot interview premise could actually have been created specifically for 'Big Daddy Cool' it's such a good fit.

The other significant thing that often gets overlooked about Nash is that he knew how a larger guy should act in wrestling. The closest names we have to Nash today are The Great Khali and Big Show. Part of the problem with Khali is that his body has been near enough destroyed but even if he were healthy it's clear from even his "best" (I use that term loosely) performances that he doesn't possess that aptitude for wrestling that Nash does and did in his prime.

Show’s better. He can be far more sympathetic than Big Kev ever was (mostly attributable to his ability to cry on cue) and is a funny and witty fella in his own right. But he can’t compare to Nash Prime’s athletic credentials.

Nash’s psychology and selling were solid and, most importantly, he knew how to make a match opposite a smaller man convincing. There’s nobody of his size who can put on as enjoyable a performance these days. Even with talented rosters in various promotions there's nobody who has the height and skill of Nash in his prime.

Wrestling needs someone like that. As great as it is to watch technical, fast-paced matches between smaller, athletic guys the wrestling business needs big dudes. The genre thrives on variety and spectacle, and nothing provides that better than a big lad. And the best big lads can draw people in and move at a lick that bely their size. WWE should start scouring the basketball courts.

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