Saturday 30 August 2014

NXTweet 28.08.14

A new episode of NXT with a new general manager announced. Tweets about that, plus more, here!

The Ascension v Two random guys who weren’t named

Tweet 1: SmackDown? No. NXT? Yes. Now.
Tweet 2: It feels like The Ascension only ever wrestle in openers these days.
Tweet 3: nWo T-shirt in the crowd there. There's always one...
Tweet 4: Didn't catch the name of these guys The Ascension are demolishing. It doesn't matter.
Tweet 5: The one who has a bit of a Justin Lee Collins look to him has a nice singlet though.
Tweet 6: And... that's that. Didn't last long.
Tweet 7: Viktor's got a microphone. Yikes!
Tweet 8: I remember Konnor talked about having a rat face on the original NXT format. Del Rio was still about then too. #goodtimes

Two grown men roaring.

William Regal is announced as the new NXT GM

Tweet 9: Mild pop and a chant for Regal being announced as the new NXT GM. The building would've fallen apart if that had been announced in Britain.
Tweet 10: If Alexander Rusev and Antonio Cesaro are anything to go by Vince is going to be denying Adrian Neville his first name at some point.
Tweet 11: "Nobody would get their ass kicked by a man called Adrian, dammit!"
Tweet 12: Tyson Kidd wearing his confusing hoodie there.
Tweet 13: Tyson Kidd has a slight lisp. Never noticed it before. It's adorable.

Tyson wears the same clothes every week. Like a tramp.

Tweet 14: "Every single person deserves a title shot ahead of him, including his wife" - Tyler Breeze on Tyson Kidd. I loled.
Tweet 15: Love Neville being the only guy in a suit and everyone else being in their wrestling gear.
Tweet 16: There we are. That was a long way of announcing a main event match. Breeze and Regal having a chat afterwards was the highlight.

William Regal reveals the episode’s main event to Devin Taylor

Tweet 17: Regal doing a backstage interview where he acts like having a tag match involving four-way opponents is a new thing.
Tweet 18:  Teddy Long was pulling that trick years ago. And it was old hat then.

Sasha Banks v Bayley

Tweet 19: What is Sasha Banks's character without the BFFs?
Tweet 20: "Bayley knows she belongs to be here" - Tensai Bloom, talking nonsense
Tweet 21: Whenever Alex Riley is referred to just by his surname I think of Riley Finn from Buffy.
Tweet 22: Renee Young. *swoons*
Tweet 23: What did we learn from that speech? That Bayley is a cat hanging in there.

So, this story's going to end with an accepting handshake before Charlkotte goes all main roster, right?

Tweet 24: Charlotte's woooooo was limp. So was her attempt at using her dad's trick of shouting at the crowd.
Tweet 25: "I don't even WANT hug!" - Bayley
Tweet 26: What did we learn from Charlotte's appearance? Nothing. We already knew she was trying and failing to be her dad.

Angelo Dawkins v Bull Dempsey

Tweet 27: Angelo's energetic dancing is not deemed good enough to be prioritised on TV. Bull promos are more important.
Tweet 28: Bull Dempsey apparently grew up watching the guys like Murdoch. Trevor?
Tweet 29: That was a match.

The Legionnaires talk to Devin Taylor

Tweet 30: Sylvester Lefort rocking a Razor Ramon look there.
Tweet 31: #French

Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn v Tyson Kidd and Tyler Breeze

Tweet 32: Regal set this tag match up earlier in the show. Who starts a one hour wrestling show without a main event prepared. Poor planning.
Tweet 33: Why doesn't Tyler Breeze have a move called Blue Steel?
Tweet 34: Maybe Nev was wearing a suit so he could avoid wandering about in trunks and a T-shirt. That's Randy Orton's look.

Tyson Kidd doing a kick. Fun stuff.

Tweet 35: Disappointment in Zayn's career? No. Not even in kayfabe terms.
Tweet 36: Cena level spot calling from Nev on that Breeze super kick.
Tweet 37: Can't wait till Sting signs with WWE and joins NXT.
Tweet 38: Alex Riley just called the Michinoku driver a big slam. Get him off the commentary team.
Tweet 39: In fact, just fire him altogether. He offers nothing.
Tweet 40: Breeze dodging that Helluva kick was slick.
Tweet 41: Tyson Kidd pinning the NXT champion makes me think he won't win the title at Takeover 2.
Tweet 42: That was always going to be a good match considering who was involved. Solid final three minutes.
Tweet 43: Zayn staring at the belt like it's not ugly. That takes talent.

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