Sunday 19 January 2014

That Wrestling Podcast Episode 35

The Royal Rumble is a week away. It is arguably the most important show of the year for WWE. It’s the one that sets the tone for the months leading up to WrestleMania. It’s also the one that features the most intricate match of the year (the Rumble itself, obvs) and the one that launches the various feuds and plot developments for ‘Mania. A bad Royal Rumble doesn’t ensure a bad ‘Mania but it creates a lot more work.

A potential Rumble winner
Over the years the big questions regarding the Rumble have stacked up. It’s no longer just about who’ll win but also about who’ll enter first, who’ll enter last, who’ll survive the longest and who’ll eliminate the most men. There’s even the incredibly niche question of what stunt Kofi Kingston will perform to avoid elimination.

In addition to discussing the above we also talk about what we might be in store for with Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania XXX. That includes discussing potential WWE title reigns for Brock Lesnar and Batista, who’ll leave WrestleMania with the championship, and the reliance of WWE on part-timers to make WrestleMania feel like something special.

There will of course be a full written preview posted during the week. Some of my predictions may changes. But maybe not. Not that anyone should be paying that much attention to what’s said here.

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