Sunday 5 January 2014

That Wrestling Podcast Episode 33

Somewhere during the last ten years The undertaker’s WrestleMania undefeated streak became an important part of that show. It’s easy to understand why. The number of appearances ‘Taker has made in the WrestleMania series is remarkable. That he’s one every one of his matches (the first by DQ, which I always think tarnishes his accomplishment a little) is even more impressive.
Leather around flames? Brave fella
It’s difficult to imagine anyone else ever managing to rack up the number of appearances he’s made. It’s impossible to imagine an undefeated record on ‘The Dead Man’s’ level ever being achieved again. Like Bruno Sammartino’s eight year WWWF world championship reign it’s something that will never be equalled. It’s something that was designed to happen, it came about naturally. That’s often how things gain longevity in wrestling.
It’s The Streak that’s the topic of today’s episode. Amongst the things we touch on are potential opponents, how much longer we think ‘The Phenom’ will wrestle, and, of course, whether or not anyone will ever end the thing, with the natural accompanying question of whether they should.
Also discussed is the strained relationship between commentators and wrestlers’ monikers. The natural accompanying topic to that is the strained relationship between Michael Cole’s brain and Michael Cole’s mouth. That gets discussed too. At some point we’ll probably do an entire episode on Cole. He’s a fascinatingly banal and contradictory figure.

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