Friday 17 January 2014

Special K

Last week WWE released Celeste 'Kaitlyn' Bonin from her contract. I could write about how it's another talented performer WWE have let slip through their fingers but it would be stating the obvious. It would also imply that Kaitlyn had the potential to bring about significant change in the Divas division and she didn't.

It's not that Kaitlyn's not got what it takes to be the primary focus of a female division. She has. What she lacks is the capability to be the figurehead and create interest in a division that has been struggling for years and seems destined to forever be associated with giving live crowds a bathroom break. AJ Lee, easily the greatest all-rounder WWE's women's league has had in years, has struggled so Kaitlyn, who is just as good a wrestler as AJ but lacks her character and presence, didn't stand a chance.

Early last year, while WWE were still trying to figure out what to do with the hot commodity that was Ms Lee, Kaitlyn had her crack at reviving the division. She had a few decent matches, most notably with with Eve Torres, but nothing in the division changed. It's been the same for AJ. The writing team doesn't consider the ladies’ division a priority and so it's not going to get the attention it needs to mean something. Good wrestling can only get wrestlers so far. Sooner or later they need a good storyline and varied characters and WWE don't seem bothered about penning any for the Divas.

Kaitlyn intends to return to working in the fitness industry and will start her on fitness clothing line (the punningly named Celstial Bodiez). There has been no indication that she wants to wrestle elsewhere. There's a no compete clause that would put a stop to it anyway, for a while at least. If she did choose to wrestle elsewhere I think she could make a difference. If the new company were willing to support her of course.

Kaitlyn really used to nail that "point at the ceiling" entrance pose
SHIMMER is the company that some people will probably expect to be mentioned at this point. I can't see it happening, nor do I think Kaitlyn should lower herself to that level. There's nothing wrong with SHIMMER, they're a consistently enjoyable promotion that has a talented roster. But Kaitlyn left that level behind years ago. Working for SHIMMER exclusively would be a step back, and a big one. More than that, Kaitlyn should be beyond their price range.

Ring of Honor is a more interesting choice. An ROH women's division is something that gets talked about every now and then and if it were seriously looked into then Kaitlyn would be an obvious person to bring in. But that seems unlikely to happen. I think ROH could make use of Kaitlyn as a valet. Put with the right guy I think she could be entertaining there. Who is the right guy? Well, Rhett Titus wouldn't look out of place alongside Kaitlyn and he's due a comeback sooner than later.

Alternatively she could be repackaged in the smart businesswoman mould and paired with Adam Cole as a legal aide that helps him avoid title defences. Think that treads on RD Evans' toes? I'd disagree. He's too comedic for a role alongside the world champion.

The company that could really benefit from signing her is, of course, TNA. The knockouts division used to be one of the best things about Impact. If the promotion wants to continue existing despite all the downsizing and cutting they've had to do an obvious direction to take us accentuating the things they do that WWE don't. That means women's wrestling and the X Division. It's clear from the fact that they adhere to the rotten WWE Lite approach instead of acting on this that the change isn't coming. With the support of TNA's writers, one or two other fresh names, and some time Kaitlyn could make a difference to the KO league. But it won't happen because TNA's management are content in their tailspin.

I enjoyed Kaitlyn's work in WWE a great deal. I wish she'd had more chances to succeed and make a difference. Had the Divas division been more prominent during her time in the company I think we’d be looking back on a significant number of good matches and memorable moments. But that’s not the world we live in, so we’re looking back at just another forgettable WWE career.

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