Saturday 25 January 2014

That Wrestling Podcast Episode 36

I’ve already posted my thoughts on the WWE Network. They can be found here. In this episode we discuss the Network again but talk a bit more about what could come from it in the future.

To get a bit specific before you press play I think if the Network’s around in five years (and it almost certainly will be) I think WWE will be making original dramas for the Network, unrelated to wrestling. Netflix and other internet-based television services (are they television services if you’re not watching on a television?) are already doing this. WWE will want to do it in order to compete and, perhaps more importantly, to show that they can. It’s the WWE way to show that the company is incredibly versatile even though it isn’t.

You'll be able to watch this happen on the Network, should you want to
Something about the Network that isn’t discussed in this episode is Chris Benoit. WWE has stated that footage of him will be shown unedited but will be preceded by warnings. I think this is the best way for them to approach the issue. With the reputation they have and the market they target they can’t just show footage of a murderer without some form of disclaimer.

At the same time he was such an important part of WCW and WWE for so long that it would make editing him out of storylines a lengthy process, and one that would ruin large chunks of shows he wasn’t directly featured on due to the nature of how wrestling programmes are put together. What they’ve chosen to do allows people to opt out of watching Benoit if they wish while not depriving people of the complete viewing experience they’ll be paying for.

For the record I’m most looking forward to watching ECW footage when the Network gets launched. It is, for me, the most interesting part of WWE’s extensive library. I mention this mainly so that this post can end on a positive note. Now press play!

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