Friday 3 July 2015

NXTweet 01.07.15

One of the most packed NXT episodes I can remember. Guys at the Bull Dempsey and Jason Jordan end of the scale get time. Baron Corbin continues getting slowly built up into something (though we're yet to find out exactly what). And the main event features Finn Bálor, Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens. This is, as has been said before, how do you a one hour wrestling show.


Tweet 1: I am watching NXT.
Tweet 2: Samoa Joe and Finn Bálor v Rhyno and Kevin Owens is epic apparently. Hard to argue that, to be fair.

The Vaudevillains v Maybe-Not-The-Mechanics-Anymore

Tweet 3: #Vaudevillainspop
Tweet 4: Have they got new music AGAIN?
Tweet 5: They have. Why can't they just have their original music? You know, the good music!
Tweet 6: Have Dash and Dawson dropped their sur- and first names respectively? If so, why? Vince whim?
Tweet 7: They seem to have dropped the Mechanics names too. Damn shame.

I'll miss the Mechanics name. It was lol.

Tweet 8: The commentators are chatting about Dawson looking like a young Arn Anderson. Rubbish. 'Double A' was never young.
Tweet 9: Remember when Aiden English was a massive heel because he dared to share his singing voice with the world?
Tweet 10: That was a nothing match. Nice to see The Vaudevillains though.

Devin Taylor talks to Becky Lynch

Tweet 11: Becky Lynch broke her hip. Tried to no-sell it but she couldn't pull it off.
Tweet 12: Ric Flair no-sold a plane crash. #justsaying
Tweet 13: Becky's motivated by this injury. Reckons she'll beat Sasha for the belt. I shall remain unconvinced for now.

Tucker Knight v Baron Corbin

Tweet 14: 'Wolf Shaman' Barry Corbin coming out wearing a vest with ALL HAIL written on it. No sign of his usual wolf motif. Maybe he retired it.

Even without his wolf powers Corbin pulled out a win.

Tweet 15: Fans chant "Corbin sucks!" Corbin wins. Fans clap politely.
Tweet 16: I liked the big lad physique on Tucker Knight.

William Regal announces a number one contenders tag match

Tweet 17: #Regalpop
Tweet 18: Gotch is chatting all over this show. Remember when he was a mute strongman?

Finn Bálor video

Tweet 19: This is Finn Bálor: Part the Third.
Tweet 20: Shot of Mojo Rawley sprawled on a couch looking decidedly unhyped there.
Tweet 21: Mojo again, this time in the ring. Lad's all over this doc.
Tweet 22: Triple H saying every entrance is a movie. I bet he believes that too. Ponce.
Tweet 23: I'm still expecting this to end with Owens smashing up one of Bálor's Lego creations.
Tweet 24: Imagine if Anderson and Fale ran in on Bálor v Owens and helped Bálor win.
Tweet 25: Really strong documentary that. Hope it goes up on the Network as a standalone thing at some point, if it hasn't already.
Tweet 26: Cut to an add conforming it's on the Network tonight, natch.

Eva Marie does a practice wrestle

Tweet 27: Earlier today... Eva Marie did some basic ring work and William Regal watched. This deserves air time.
Tweet 28: I reckon Eva Marie's going to blow everyone away when she's back. Not like that...

Emma v Carmella

Tweet 29: Love that heel theme for Emma.
Tweet 30: If they really want to get Dana Brooke over they'll have her gorilla press Big Cass during this match.
Tweet 31: Corey Graves needs to start referencing the pay window.

"Bah gawd, lookit that torque!"

Tweet 32: Enzo and Cass dashed out of Regal's office earlier because they said Carmella had a match. So where are they?
Tweet 33: Reverse X Factor. Absolutely devastating. But it wasn't enough. Poor Carmella.

Bull Dempsey slobs about backstage

Tweet 34: Bull Dempsey is being booked to cut promos on snack machines. They're sending you a message, Bull mate.
Tweet 35: If this were the 90s we'd be getting a newsagent or something for Bull to feud with.

Devin Taylor speaks to Jason Jordan

Tweet 36: Hey, remember last week when Jason Jordan lost?
Tweet 37: "I know you're not a loser!" - Chad Gable to Jason Jordan, who'd just lost a match

Tyler Breeze v Tye Dillinger

Tweet 38: #Breezeswoon
Tweet 39: The audience are into this perfect 10 thing of Dillinger's. Pretty good as it's not really been on TV.

Tyler Breeze doing a spot of facesitting there.

Tweet 40: Not the greatest gimmick though tbh. Didn't help him win, did it?
Tweet 41: The crowd are into it but the perfect 10 stuff won't be enough to net Tye a push.

Emma, Dana Brooke and Sasha Banks agree to a tag match

Tweet 42: Oh noes!! Emma and Dana want Sasha's title!!
Tweet 43: Throwaway skit to set up a tag match but everyone there was bringing their A game.

Samoa Joe and Finn Bálor v Rhyno and Kevin Owens

Tweet 44: The crowd would lose their minds if Cyrus came out with Rhyno. #justsaying
Tweet 45: I want Joe to change his name to So Cal Joe and adopt the look and mannerisms of So Cal Val.
Tweet 46: I'm assuming this is from the end of the tapings because this crowd has died.
Tweet 47: Not even Rhyno doing squats mid-suplex got a reaction. Sickening lack of interest.


Tweet 48: I'm hoping that was some kind of reference to Bálor's squat-heavy dojo background.
Tweet 49: Rhyno looks like a man who loves his squats. #demlegs
Tweet 50: "Whadda senton!" - Rich Brennan on a perfectly average senton
Tweet 51: Busting out the finishers always gets a crowd going.
Tweet 52: Rhyno missed the Gore on Bálor and hit his own partner. Such a WWE spot. Love it here though.
Tweet 53: Nice replay of the bungled roll around before the pin. Stay classy, editing guys.
Tweet 54: Good show everyone. Good hustle.

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