Monday 8 June 2015

The Shield Boys do SummerSlam

I've written before that a triple threat pitting all three former members of The Shield will happen at some point. It's too obvious a match to pass up. I've previously suggested it should take place at a WrestleMania because that's WWE's biggest show and that Shield match is one of the biggest matches WWE could book. It is, in fact, one of the biggest triple threat matches that could happen anywhere in wrestling.

The way this year's Money in the Bank is set up gives WWE another option. As things stand right now Dean Ambrose will have another crack at WWE champion Seth Rollins, this time in a ladder match, and Roman Reigns will participate in the titular ladder match, earning a world title shot anytime, anywhere should he win. This would make for a very obvious lead-in to the triple threat and SummerSlam would be a nice time to promote it. There would be sufficient time to set the match up well and it would help to boost the status of the event.

With Ambrose having won his previous match against Rollins at Elimination Chamber only to have the title stripped away from him they could go with a retribution vibe at MITB. Ambrose could again overcome all the usual interference from Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury and Kane before incapacitating 'The Future' and scaling a ladder to nab the belt. That would create a feel good moment and establish that Rollins and Ambrose are closer in terms of capability than has been suggested since the Shield split.

Then Roman could come out. A heel turn would work nicely what with him and Dean having been reestablished as best buds over the last month or so but I don't think it's something WWE would do. For the most part the modern product steers clear of swerve turns (which is very much a good thing). There's also the fact that they've been diligently plugging away at making Reigns 'The Man' for months now. A turn could've worked earlier, and making him a cool heel may have helped in the long run, but it would seem off now. Progress has been made. Why undo it?

This man probably won't be leaving Money in the Bank as WWE champion.
Instead of walloping Ambrose and-or immediately cashing in Reigns could simply celebrate with 'The Lunatic Fringe', or check on him if it's been a particularly Gruelling Match™. Reigns could hold up his case, as if to say "Hey, you've got that but I've got this, mate" or he could cut a promo saying he doesn't want to be opportunistic like Rollins, he wants to give Ambrose fair warning of a cash-in, setting up a match on RAW or, more likely, the main event for Battleground or the July 4 Network special from Tokyo. Casting Reigns as a fair guy wouldn't be a bad thing.

Of course, Rollins could retain the world championship (as he probably will) and be the one confronted by Reigns. With Rollins the clear bad guy in that scenario an immediate cash-in and title win for Reigns would make sense. Especially if his pal Ambrose had just been shafted by shenanigans again. It would provide justification for his distinctly un-face-like move of an immediate cash-in. It would also allow for Reigns, having won the title, to be a #standupdude and offer Ambrose a title match at Battleground or on the Network spesh.

Ambrose v Reigns on either of those shows would make sense. It could be presented as two guys who respect each other but want to be the best and have no problem fighting to accomplish that. I think they could have a pretty good face versus face match (although it's tough to imagine a world in which a US audience wouldn't back Ambrose over Reigns, which would probably make the July 4 Tokyo show a better choice for hosting duties). Rollins could interfere or be the guest referee. Personally I like the referee idea because it was a common gimmick when I first started watching wrestling and I miss it. Not that the specifics would really matter as long as Rollins was either involved in the finish or at ringside to attack both lads immediately afterwards. Anything to get the three guys in the same place to keep them on track for a SummerSlam trippy treat.

Hey, Ambrose could just win the title and go to some sort of screwy finish in his Battleground rematch with Rollins. A deciding match could be made between the pair for SummerSlam with Reigns showing up to announce his addition via briefcase, throwing The Authority's plans into chaos and placing a strain on his friendship with Ambrose.

Whether it's through one of the convoluted scenarios above, a combination of them, or something I've not touched on, I think a Shield three-way at SummerSlam is an obvious thing to do. It's a match people would want to see and a natural main event. It would raise the profile of SummerSlam and encourage Network subscriptions, PPV buys, and ticket sales. As for Brock Lesnar? His rematch can be held off a while longer. He's not going anywhere. And the timing is perfect for Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns.

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