Saturday 27 June 2015

NXTweet 24.06.15

Finn Bálor versus Rhyno with Kevin Owens on commentary? That's how you main event a wrestling show! And as far as undercards go? The debut of the Hype Bros is bad, but in a good way.

Hideo Itami promo, featuring Kevin Owens,  Finn Bálor and Rhyno

Tweet 1: Right then, you mugs. Let's watch NXT.
Tweet 2: Oh look, it's Hideo Itami and his broken arm.
Tweet 3: Disappointed he's not wearing one of those light-selling-duty casts Triple H wore that time Lesnar broke his arm.
Tweet 4: This Greg Hamilton lad is such a black hole of meaning.
Tweet 5: "NXT is very popular in Japan" - Hideo Itami, doing his duty
Tweet 6: Owens walks out. People cheer. His music cuts. Some lads boo. Great stuff.
Tweet 7: Enjoying Itami trying not to laugh at Owens' promo.
Tweet 8: It will eventually be revealed that Itami was taken out by Rikishi, who (obviously) did it for The Rock.

They fought.

Tweet 9: Hey, don't forget that Bálor and Owens are feuding too! That's what this booking is about y'know.
Tweet 10: Digging Rhyno's pink and black singlet.
Tweet 11: Rare instance of the NXT main event being booked after the show's started.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass v Sylvester LeFort and Jason Jordan

Tweet 12: Take it as read that I'm rolling my eyes at Carmella's "Bye, Felicia" T-shirt.
Tweet 14: LeFort and Jordan will lose. Which is fine. It frees LeFort up to work as an inept manager again.

Revival of the hottest feud of 2014...

Tweet 15: LeFort's outfit is the perfect level of ridiculous. Good on 'im.
Tweet 16: 'The New Double J' might want to invest in a better fitting singlet.
Tweet 17: Isn't the obvious thing for Jason Jordan to do to just become a singles wrestler? If you've not got a tag partner don't be a tag team, mate.

Devin Taylor talks to Samoa Joe

Tweet 18: Samoa Joe promo. Samoa Joemo. He's getting WELL shouty.
Tweet 19: Joe wants to fight. That's the message there. Good on yer, Joe lad.

Dana Brooke v Cassie

Tweet 20: Dana Brooke's ridiculously convoluted pose sequence, now with added gloves.
Tweet 21: Cassie, the latest female wrestler to hit WWE with no surname.
Tweet 22: Dana getting New Day clap heat here. You know you're doing a good job with you hear that.
Tweet 23: I wish Dana's finish was being called the One Night Stand. It would make Alex Shane so proud.

If not One Night Stand then maybe Ode to 'The Showstealer'?

Tweet 24: Charlotte promos need more jackets being taken off and elbow dropped. Maybe some shoes being thrown.
Tweet 25: Lol at the next special being called Beast from the East.

Finn Bálor video

Tweet 26: Finn Bálor there. Big fan of LEGO and banter.
Tweet 27: I hope we get a vignette where Owens breaks into Bálor's house and smashes all his LEGO builds. That would get so much heat.
Tweet 28: "... and Matt Bloom is at the back of the bus" - Fergal Devitt absolutely DESTROYING kayfabe
Tweet 29: This video is basically Triple H confirming that he's a New Japan mark.
Tweet 30: Massive fan of seeing TAKA Michinoku, the man who doesn't age.
Tweet 31: I'm genuinely surprised they're showing Bullet Club merch here.
Tweet 32: Good video, that. Interested in what they have lined up for part three.

Bull Dempsey is shown slobbing about in various places

Tweet 33: Has Bull Dempsey had a heart attack? Is that the gimmick now?
Tweet 34: Such a fan of this out of shape slob gimmick though. They're sending you a message, Bull mate.

Hype Bros v Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton

Tweet 35: Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder. The Hype Bros. This is a thing is it? This is happening?

These lads stay hyped.

Tweet 36: Facing my favourite NXT tag team, Fulton and Dawkins. Fan of these lads on so many levels.
Tweet 37: If Mojo was serious about getting over he'd still be wearing the neon green trunks. They were money.
Tweet 38: I miss Fulton's ear guard thing.
Tweet 39: Big fan of WGTT 2.0 using that WGTT double team. Sickened that nobody on commentary referenced it.
Tweet 40: The Hype Bros win with an elevated cock to the mouth. That's wrestling, that is!

William Regal and Eva Marie talk about Eva Marie having a bit of a wrestle at some point

Tweet 41: #Regalpop
Tweet 42: #EvaMariepop
Tweet 43: Actually I don't think Eva Marie's as bad as all that. She'll surprise us when she gets her match. That's by #boldprediction
Tweet 44: Imagine Jerry Lawler in Regal's on-screen role. It'd be ridiculous. For that matter he'd be ridiculous in his backstage role.
Tweet 45: Basically, Lawler is the exact opposite of Regal.

Rhyno v Finn Bálor

Tweet 46: Looking forward to Owens and Rhyno reuniting as SCUM, Jimmy Jacobs backstage with a big smile on his face.
Tweet 47: I like Owens and Saxton's interactions basically being a throwback to The Rock and Kevin Kelly.
Tweet 48: I want more Ruthless Aggression references in Rhyno matches.
Tweet 49: Owens trips to the commentary desk have seen him get increasingly more aggressive. I like that. It's more character development for him.
Tweet 50: Not that he's being short changed on the ol' character development.
Tweet 51: "Bálor's almost a hero in Japan!" - Rich Brennan, really doing a great job of putting Bálor over

Double stomp FTW.

Tweet 52: Wouldn't it be great if they brought Sandman into few to replace some of the exiting stars? He could revive his feud with Rhyno.
Tweet 53: SCUM versus Joe and Bálor? I'm down with that as a future tag main event.
Tweet 54: Good show, everyone. Good hustle. Especially you, Cassie.

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  1. Did you notice enzo's hair was shaved into polka dots, I assume as a Dusty tribute?