Saturday 7 February 2015

NXTweet 04.02.15

Another Takeover special has snuck up on us. Pretty easy when it’s a month earlier than expected. This was what’s come to be known as a “go home” episode. That’s a term I loathe, for the record. I don’t think it will ever appear on this blog again.

This show featured the semi-final matches in the NXT number on contenders tournament. Adrian Neville faced Baron Corbin and Finn Bálor clashed with Hideo Itami. Both matches were worth a watch. Bálor v Neville in the finals should be excellent, as should Owens versus NXT champion Sami Zayn.

Basically, this episode was more proof that NXT is WWE’s best show.


Tweet 1: NXTreat.
Tweet 2: Something about the credits first. I like that they flash up the names of the major wrestlers on the show. Makes it easier to get into.

Carmella v Emma

Tweet 3: Enzo. With a nose ring.
Tweet 4: Carmella's still being presented as a face. She's still less over than enhancement talent Blue Pants.
Tweet 5: Also, Carmella is a worse dancer than both Enzo and Cass.

Hot as hell. Allegedly.

Tweet 6: This is Emma's NXT return match. Looking back WWE really should have done something with that shoplifting thing.
Tweet 7: Russo would have done. #justsaying
Tweet 8: The aggression of Emma was not lost on me. And now she's looking irritated at having lost. She's turning heel.
Tweet 9: Bálor v Itami? Yeah, might be alright.

Number one contender tournament: Baron Corbin v Adrian Neville

Tweet 10: The trunks on Neville look a bit French. Maybe he could form a team with Sylvester LeFort.
Tweet 11: Barry Corbin.
Tweet 12: Commentary team analysing whether this is the biggest test Corbin's faced. Nev's a former NXT champion so obviously yes.
Tweet 13: Uninspired, basic commentary. There are few things worse on a wrestling show.
Tweet 14: Now they're really pushing that lariat Barry just hit.
Tweet 15: He followed up by almost botching a leg-hooking pin attempt. That, right there, is why I'm not overly impressed with the guy.

Baron Corbin's first loss. #sadface

Tweet 16: I'm liking Corbin's Create-A-Wrestler tights. Reckon he bought them from No Mercy's SmackDown Mall?
Tweet 17: So the story is that Bull cost Barry the match. They're really going out of their way to keep Barry strong. It's almost like he's Reigns.

Sami Zayn discusses Kevin Owens

Tweet 18: I don't go for spoilers with this show. I'm assuming Bálor's going to beat Itami. I reckon he'll beat Nev and challenge Zayn.
Tweet 19: Sami Zayn is putting over Big Kev as a master manipulator. He's wearing a flat cap for added emphasis.
Tweet 20: Imagine how much people would complain if Ryback was added to the NXT roster. I think WWE should do it. For the lols.

Bayley v Becky Lynch

Tweet 21: Digging Bayley's new music.
Tweet 22: Digging Bayley in general tbh.
Tweet 23: Becky Lynch? Not digging her, mate.
Tweet 24: Change her name to Becky Lunch and give her a dinner lady gimmick. Then I might change my mind.

Touch of the Lance Storms from Bayley there.

Tweet 25: Nice to see Lynch has finally invested in some new gear though.
Tweet 26: Bayley is the only thing keeping the crowd interested in this match. People aren't interested in Lynch's Lita tribute act.
Tweet 27: Sasha is so my favourite.
Tweet 28: "Look at that! Bayley-to-Bayley!" - Rich Brennan, misunderstanding the pun

Charlotte did not woooooo. Disappointing.

Tweet 29: Fem Naitch! Woooooo!
Tweet 30: She should wear a T-shirt to the ring so she has something to tear off and elbow drop to show how irate she is.
Tweet 31: Does 'Sterling' Corey Graves have a tattoo of a donkey on his neck...?

Kevin Owens discusses Sami Zayn

Tweet 32: Big Kev got the title match he wanted. He reckons he's getting the belt next week. No dice, Owens!
Tweet 33: I'd like it if Solomon Crowe's gimmick is that he's an actual crow.
Tweet 34: At Takeover: Rival 'King of Botch' Sin Cara will team with a gay hairdresser to challenge for the tag team titles. Sounds good.

Devin Taylor talks to Tyler Breeze

Tweet 35: What are Tyler's plans now he doesn't have a title shot next week? Maybe win some matches and get a shot in the future?
Tweet 36: Ahhhhhh he didn't say. He just carried on speaking to his phone. Because that's what models DO, yeah?

Number one contender tournament: Finn Bálor v Hideo Itami

Tweet 37: Mate, Neville is on commentary. This could be gold...
Tweet 38: Hideo Itami ain't worth face paint.
Tweet 39: Fun galore with Finn Bálor. Or, if you like, fungal ore.
Tweet 40: Soooooo... there are twenty minutes left on this show. Good call.
Tweet 41: "Better than RAW" chant there. I bet that's been kept quiet from Vince.

The match NXT's been waiting for.

Tweet 42: Will this be the match where Itami hits the Go 2 Sleep? I'm guessing not. He'll go for it at the finish and Bálor will escape and win.
Tweet 43: Neville has the promo skills of a British footballer. That's not a good thing.
Tweet 44: Itami needs to give his inner left thigh a shave.
Tweet 45: Neville casually humiliating Alex Riley for getting basic facts wrong. Good on 'im.
Tweet 46: Well that's one G2S attempt and one Bloody Sunday attempt. Exactly what I want from this match. #lovelystuff
Tweet 47: That drop kick into the corner though.
Tweet 48: I got the closing sequence wrong. I'm not at all surprised.
Tweet 49: Great match, brothers.
Tweet 50: Neville's gone all Dead Poets Society.

Match of the night?

Tweet 51: With Zayn v Owens and Bálor v Neville on the show Takeover: Rival should be another great spesh.

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