Sunday 21 September 2014

NXTweet 18.09.14

This week’s post-Takeover II episode of NXT didn’t just feature the in-ring debut of Hideo Itami. Oh no! It also featured a surprise appearance from Titus O’Neil. If that doesn’t sell you on the show you should probably just stop being a wrestling fan.


Tweet 1: Tweets about NXT are incoming.
Tweet 2: Why bother watching NXT specials when you get everything of significance recapped incredibly thoroughly a week later, eh?

Promo segment featuring Titus O’Neil, Sami Zayn, Tyson Kidd and Adrian Neville

Tweet 3: I assume Titus O'Neil needs to learn how to work.
Tweet 4: Guy in a WCW T-shirt there. Maybe Triple H is selling them from a car boot outside the building.
Tweet 5: Titus's promo was not good. They may be going too far with this spirit of WCW thing...

The lads.

Tweet 6: I was hoping The Charisma Vacuum Kidd would be disappearing after Takeover. Guess not.
Tweet 7: Nice blend of placing the importance on the title and integrating Big Titus here.
Tweet 8: #bestforbusiness
Tweet 9: Billy Regal with a Teddy Long special there. "Tag team match, playas! Holla holla holla!"
Tweet 10: I'm expecting wonderfully botchy things from Rich Brennan.

Charlotte v Emma

Tweet 11: This is the first time I can remember seeing Emma since... The Incident.
Tweet 12: Crime doesn't pay. Which means Emma's going to lose this.
Tweet 13: Renee Young putting Emma over as someone on RAW and SmackDown. When, Renee? When is Emma on those shows?

If DC ever do a Power Girl film they could do worse than cast Emma.

Tweet 14: I'm really beginning to like Charlotte. I like the little bubble burst taunt she did with the figure four headlock there.
Tweet 15: Charlotte needs to learn how to do a Flair flop.
Tweet 16: I like Emma and I like Charlotte but that match was a rough watch too often.

Justin Gabriel v Hideo Itami

Tweet 17: The instantly recognisable entrance music of Justin Gabriel.
Tweet 18: “Japanese style.”
Tweet 19: Brennan is describing suplexes instead of naming them. Michael Cole school of commentary graduate I reckon.

Gabriel bracing like a trooper.

Tweet 20: Gabriel lost? I am stunned.
Tweet 21: I can confidently say that that was the best Hideo Itami match EVER.
Tweet 22: The Legion of Ascension there, reminding everyone that they don't like Itami.
Tweet 23: A-Ry mentions "dizzying highs and lows." No idea what he's referring to.

CJ Parker v Baron Corbin

Tweet 24: Beating CJ Parker earned Baron Corbin a televised entrance.
Tweet 25: "Let's not lose focus of the fact that CJ Parker, he's a player here in NXT" - Renee Young
Tweet 26: Corbin beat him again. So now he's a megaplayer.

Big Cass films Enzo Amore work out before the pair are accosted by their hairdresser pal Carmella

Tweet 27: Enzo's hairdresser is coming in as a wrestler. I'm sure hilarity will ensue.
Tweet 28: Enzo and Cass are great but I'm not feeling this iPhone filming stuff. They work better, as most wrestlers do, with a crowd to play off.

Tyson Kidd and Titus O’Neil v Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville

Tweet 29: Hey look, it's Tyson Kidd being a cocky heel who isn't cocky because he has no personality!
Tweet 30: Titus and Tyson should team up with Tyler Breeze and Tye Dillinger for a faction based on first name alliteration.
Tweet 31: Neville tags himself in before Zayn can do anything. U mad bro?
Tweet 32: "Better than Neville!" chant there. Turn him. The crowd will love it.

Tyson Kidd with a scintillating headlock there.

Tweet 33: Zayn blocking Neville from doing a dive as a call back to Takeover is the sort of storytelling WWE should do more of.
Tweet 34: "You can't teach that!" - Alex Riley reminding us that strength can't be taught
Tweet 35: Titus should start hanging people in a tree of woe and calling it the tree of Titus.
Tweet 36: Was Titus meant to be doing shoulder blocks, head-butts or clotheslines there?
Tweet 37: A-Ry says Titus has a million dollar body...
Tweet 38: Alex, if you're trying to drop a millions of dollars reference you need to really go for it. Otherwise you sound like an idiot.
Tweet 39: Oh noes! Zayn inadvertently distracted the ref and the heels stole a victory!!1!
Tweet 40: If Triple H wants to make NXT more like WCW then Zayn and Nev should win the tag titles before their feud goes further.

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