Sunday 7 September 2014

NXTweet 04.09.14

There won’t be a tweet-up next week. Instead there’ll be a more traditional review of Takeover 2. And that’s this week’s hastily written intro!


Tweet 1: Alright, strap in. I'm about to spend an hour tweeting about NXT.
Tweet 2: Didn't enjoy that preview opening. Probably because it's not the NXT norm. And I think the NXT norm is pretty much perfect.

Alexa Bliss v Charlotte

Tweet 3: If Alexa Bliss is wrestling and the four title match guys are wrestling this is going to be one busy show.
Tweet 4: Does Charlotte have the most convoluted ring entrance in WWE? I think yes.
Tweet 5: What is Alexa's gimmick? Cheerleader? Fairy? Cheerleader fairy? The latter's a winner...
Tweet 6: That kneebuster Charlotte did was in no way a botch. IN NO WAY.
Tweet 7: I've knocked her for it, but Charlotte's Ric Flair tribute act is growing on me. The impersonation could be a lot worse. Woooooooooo!
Tweet 8: Dat Bayley's gonna hug you chant.
Tweet 9: I like her but Bayley's character would die a horrible death on RAW without some pretty severe tinkering.

Would 'Naitch' have covered people like this? 

Tyler Breeze vignette

Tweet 10: "Do they look like this?" - Tyler Breeze, sitting there in a purple furry coat
Tweet 11: Breeze's work getting that character over in thirty seconds was sensational. Easily one of the best things in NXT.
Tweet 12: The NXT title match at Takeover could realistically be won by any of the four guys in the match. Good job getting everyone over.
Tweet 13: That said I really want it to be Tyler Breeze. A change is needed after Neville's six month reign and he's the strongest character-wise.

Sin Cara and Kalisto talk to Devin Taylor

Tweet 14: Anyway... we now have Sin Cara and Kalisto chatting to Devin Taylor. Cara chatted in Spanish. Kalisto translated. Kind of a dick move.
Tweet 15: Kalisto there, saying he and Cara are a strong tag team. Nah. Not as strong as The Ascension.

Tye Dillinger v Tyler Breeze

Tweet 16: Tye Dillinger's lack of charisma would be best off in a tag team.
Tweet 17: Tyler Breeze. The third Young Buck.
Tweet 18: Tye played several seasons of "semi-professional" ice hockey, did he? Well that... that's certainly something.
Tweet 19: Lot of hip action from Breeze on that choke. #justsaying

Tyson Kidd vignette

Tweet 20: Tyson Kidd giving a heel promo his best shot there. In fairness it could've been a lot worse.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass hang out at a hairdresser’s called HAIR

Tweet 21: I reckon Enzo is based on a young Paul Heyman. But less arrogant.
Tweet 22: "You got that camera rollin'?" - Enzo Amore on an iPhone
Tweet 23: Hair removal cream spilled on a poodle. A clump of hair comes off in Enzo's hand. This is like Russo era WCW.
Tweet 24: That entire thing was designed to get over hair removal cream? I expect that kind of nonsense from TNA, not NXT.

Tyson Kidd v Adam Rose

Tweet 25: Guy in Rose's entourage looks like Shelton Benjamin.
Tweet 26: Tom Phillips just plugged the Takeover pre-show and promised plenty of surprises. How does he know there'll be surprises?
Tweet 27: That match was good but Rose hugn on in the Sharpshooter a bit too long for my liking.
Tweet 28: Had he tapped a bit quicker it would have gotten over Kidd's application of the hold. Would've made sense to establish he's good with it.

Crisp Sharpshooter application from Kidd.

Sami Zayn vignette

Tweet 29: Sami Zayn being a stand up babyface and saying he wants to pin the champ for the belt.

Sami Zayn v Marcus Louis

Tweet 30: Marcus Louis's music is incredibly lol.
Tweet 31: As is Sly Lefort's chest hair.
Tweet 32: NXT fans chanting “Canada” in support of Zayn is why I love that audience.
Tweet 33: I wish Sylvester Lefort was still an ineffectual manager. He was great as an ineffectual manager.
Tweet 34: Zayn wins via Koji Clutch. Marcus Louis tapped out almost immediately and so the hold's a little more over going into Takeover. See?!
Tweet 35: Enzo and Cass show up. Sly and Marcus run off. Enzo freaks out. Cass tries not to laugh. Standard sequence.

Don't be bullies. Be stars.

Adrian Neville vignette

Tweet 36: Adrian Neville looks like an orc.
Tweet 37: He did a promo about being bullied at school for looking like an orc. I think.

CJ Parker v Adrian Neville

Tweet 38: CJ 'The Truth' Parker.
Tweet 39: Want to know about the first time I was made aware of Adrian Neville? Course you do!
Tweet 40: Someone rang in to the old Talksport radio show and berated Alex Shane for not booking Neville (then PAC) for the FWA.
Tweet 41: Pretty sure the caller claimed that Shane had a southern bias. They definitely said PAC was the future of wrestling.
Tweet 42: First time I saw him wrestle? Some Dragon Gate show I watched online I think.
Tweet 43: Anyway... they're wrestling right now. CJ does some good shaky leg selling.

Sin Cara and Kalisto v The Vaudevillains

Tweet 44: Sin Cara's fist pumping is so halfhearted. I kind of respect him for very obviously not caring.
Tweet 45: #Vaudevillainspop
Tweet 46: Code of Honor status: followed.
Tweet 47: "Flipping into the attack there" - Tom Phillips, a man paid to be a commentator
Tweet 48: Decent match. Wrong team won though. People don't care about Sin Cara and Kalisto like they do the Vaudevillains.
Tweet 49: Plus Kalisto and El Local were the challengers on the last NXT spesh. Gotch and English would've given a fresher match.

The shirt always makes me think The Ascension should have a conspiracy theorist gimmick.

Tweet 50: Closing shot is The Ascension standing very still and holding their belts over their heads. Classic stuff.
Tweet 51: Best episode in a few weeks. I enjoyed that a lot. Every match did something for Takeover 2 and they trailed KENTA's debut just enough.

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