Sunday 12 October 2014

NXTweet 09.10.14

Around the halfway point of this episode I realised I was watching a below average NXT episode. There’s a tweet about it here. It has to happen sometimes. I can live with it. It remains WWE’s best weekly show by a significant margin. And that’s with Titus O’Neil in the main event!

Tyler Breeze v Mojo Rawley

Tweet 1: Let's Tweet some NX.
Tweet 2: Why has Breeze been dropped to the opening half of the show over the last month? Bad move, WWE.
Tweet 3: No, no, it's Mojo.
Tweet 4: Mojo looks like a Power Planet dude.

Tyler Breeze is not hyped for this treatment.

Tweet 5: How many times is Mojo going to get jobbed out before he gets put in a tag team with CJ Parker?
Tweet 6: They could be called The Guys The Audience Hates.

Enzo Amore, Big Cass, Carmella and William Regal at the Performance Centre

Tweet 7: Highlight of that Enzo and Cass video was two dudes chilling in a ring watching the filming.

Recap of the problems (or, if you prefer, the ongoing crisis) between Hideo Itami and The Ascension

Tweet 8: "Let's look now at the ongoing crisis between Hideo Itami and The Ascension." Ongoing crisis? Lolwut?
Tweet 9: Funaki's pep talk though...

Viktor v Hideo Itami

Tweet 10: They must be building up to Itami v Konor O'Konorson.
Tweet 11: "This man is the biggest star in Japan today" - Tensai McTensai on Hideo Itami
Tweet 12: Itami is not the biggest star in Japan. For one thing he's not even in Japan. Get your act together, Tensai.
Tweet 13: Why are the commentary team drawing attention to how quiet the crowd is? It's not a good thing.
Tweet 14: The audience just want to see Itami kick Viktor for a few minutes then pin him. Viktor offence is not required. But it's happening.

More of this next time, yeah?

Tweet 15: Konor roughing up Funaki? Is that the best they've got for the introductory storyline of KENTA?
Tweet 16: I mean, I'm all for Funaki being on TV but it's not helping Itami at all.
Tweet 17: Itami would look like a beast if he quickly beat Viktor one week and Konor the next, and fended the pair off every time they attacked him.
Tweet 18: "Look at Funaki, his tie's all over the place!" - Rich Brennan

The Vaudevillains v Enzo Amore and Big Cass

Tweet 19: #Vaudevillainspop
Tweet 20: This new music is more awful than it was last week.
Tweet 21: Big Cass referencing Hey, Arnold! there. Highlight of the show so far.
Tweet 22: I enjoyed that match but it didn't really last long enough. They could have been great with ten minutes.

That's a wrap, folks.

Becky Lynch v Sasha Banks

Tweet 23: Surprisingly enthusiastic response for Becky Lynch there.
Tweet 24: I've come to terms with this episode being below average. It has to happen sometimes.
Tweet 25: Lynch needs to go all Chris Daniels and get some flared tights.
Tweet 26: Is there a reason for all these kick outs at one?

Becky's tights are not good.

Tweet 27: That backstabber into a crossface is still beautiful.
Tweet 28: Sasha's good. She should be on in matches more often.

Titus O’Neil v Sami Zayn

Tweet 29: If Titus was coming into NXT as a new face he'd make a great monster. His history, and the Bunny feud, means it can't work now.
Tweet 30: I think Titus has a picture of himself on his trunks.
Tweet 31: Jason Albert saying he was in a match against Titus once. I bet that was a classic.
Tweet 32: "Are you okay?!" - Some woman in the crowd to Sami Zayn after he'd been chucked out of the ring
Tweet 33: Rich Brennan calling a bear hug a bear hold there.
Tweet 34: Titus is wearing a friendship bangle.

Kung Fu Titus.

Tweet 35: I wouldn't be surprised if this were Titus's longest match this year.
Tweet 36: Well there we are. Titus O'Neil defeated Sami Zayn. That'll send the crowd home happy.
Tweet 37: Why did nobody mention that Titus won with Clash of the Titus? It's a great name.
Tweet 38: Neville saved Zayn from a Titus top rope attack. I bet he was planning a 450.

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