Sunday 5 October 2014

NXTweet 02.10.14

Two title matches that both mean something on a one hour wrestling show? It could only be NXT. Or Ring of Honor, obvs.

Women’s championship: Bayley v Charlotte

Tweet 1: It's NXTime.
Tweet 2: Starting with a championship match, eh? Bold move, WWE. Bold move.
Tweet 3: Not thirty seconds in and Alex Riley and Tensai Tensaison are arguing. I can't stand A-Ry on commentary. Why does he have a job?
Tweet 4: In-ring introductions. #bigtime
Tweet 5: Charlotte's from The Queen City. Is that anywhere near Dudleyville?
Tweet 6: A-Ry just said there's a big X up in the air. There's an Ultimate X match here...?
Tweet 7: Who is Alex Riley to talk about veteran moves?
Tweet 8: They're having a good match, for the record.
Tweet 9: Inappropriately placed ad breaks are inappropriate.
Tweet 10: Trad figure four from Charlotte. I prefer her figure four headlock. Plus, in wrestle-logic terms, it's harder to counter.


Tweet 11: I did enjoy that handstand leverage from Charlotte though.
Tweet 12: Charlotte's neck breaker finisher is Natural Selection. Isn't that like the third name that thing's had?
Tweet 13: Post-match hug. I like the Charlotte character more every week. I don't think it's possible to like Bayley more.

The Ascension beat up Hideo Itami, thus cancelling the scheduled Viktor v Itami match

Tweet 14: When The Ascension had the tag titles we never saw them. Now they're on every week.
Tweet 15: I love the way the referees are perfectly lined up. They should have done it by height or something.

Ineffectual referees not actually getting between The Ascension and Itami there.

Tweet 16: "This right here was total annihilation" - Jason Albert on The Ascension duffing up Hideo Itami (because that's their finisher name!)
Tweet 17: "Uncalled for is the word that comes to mind" - Jason Albert
Tweet 18: I really miss Regal doing commentary.

Enzo Amore locks up a time or two with Carmella as Big Cass watches on

Tweet 19: They're showing Enzo teaching someone how to wrestle? This is exposing The Business! UNACCEPTABLE!!
Tweet 20: Oh noes! Carmella got the better of Enzo again! How humiliating, etc...

Troy McClane v Darin Corbin

Tweet 21: Pretty sure someone was holding a sign that said Brain Corbin.
Tweet 22: Troy McClane is a jobber but Christ that's a great name.
Tweet 23: I'm yet to see the appeal of Corbin. Decent enough look but nothing amazing. Can't judge his wrestling until he has longer matches.

The Vaudevillains v Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger

Tweet 24: #Vaudevillainspop
Tweet 25: Their old music was way better. Was it changed because the audience liked it too much?
Tweet 26: Jordan and Dillinger should call themselves The New Team Angle.
Tweet 27: The Vaudevillains are clearly intended to be heels but they're just as clearly more likable than Benjamin and Haas 2.0.
Tweet 28: Gotch and English are playing to the crowd so maybe they're faces after all.
Tweet 29: This match is confusing.
Tweet 30: Dillinger slipped his knee pad down. My word what a heelish thing to do!
Tweet 31: Gotch is lucky he's not prone to botching because there'd be a very obvious nickname waiting for him.
Tweet 32: Please tell me English's senton is called That's a Wrap. Marvellous.

NXT's most manly tag team.

Titus O’Neil arrives and sits in the front row

Tweet 33: Titus O'Neil rocking up and sitting in the front row next to some dude wearing a bow tie there.

Hideo Itami is looked at by a doctor than chats to Sho Funaki

Tweet 34: Loving this Funaki cameo. He just happened to be passing through wearing a WWE branded anorak.

NXT championship: Tyson Kidd v Adrian Neville

Tweet 35: Titus gets to his feet and claps Tyson Kidd. Kidd blanks him.
Tweet 36: Weird little orc dance from Neville there.
Tweet 37: Titus gave him a thumbs up. Love that.
Tweet 38: Nev looked a bit disappointed by the boos. Bad luck, guy. They're yours now.
Tweet 39: I wonder if Kidd regrets not having a lengthy indy stint. He'd probably have gotten a regular Dragon Gate gig.
Tweet 40: If he was available now Quildan would definitely be snapping him up for RPW.
Tweet 41: Sometimes I wonder if Quildan really is the RPW booker. He might just be a (metaphorical, obvs) puppet used to take the heat.
Tweet 42: Mid-match don't try this at home thing where we're told WWE stars aren't invincible. Ambrose survived having his head crushed by concrete.
Tweet 43: Nice reversal from Neville off that sunset flip.
Tweet 44: "What a kick out by Tyson Kidd! Kicked out on pure instinct!" - Alex Riley with the blandest wrestling commentary I've ever heard
Tweet 45: Kidd puts on the Sharpshooter. Neville gets the ropes. I hate how often big submission moves are survived in that fashion.
Tweet 46: The move should be presented as so painful that the guy has to tap unless he can reach the ropes within a couple of seconds.

Too many people survive this these days. It does the move's image no good.

Tweet 47: Titus interferes. Zayn makes the save. The crowd are into Zayn more than anyone else.
Tweet 48: One day Sami Zayn will turn heel and in doing so will break my heart. He's so darn likable.
Tweet 49: Don't worry everyone! Adrian Neville retained with his fancy top rope finisher.
Tweet 50: Referee having to remind Neville to do the staredown with Zayn there.
Tweet 51: "Tyson Kidd has no more NXT championship opportunities." Said as Kidd sat slumped in the corner of the ring with his head in his hands.
Tweet 52: Go on, NXT! Kick 'im while he's down!

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