Saturday 18 October 2014

NXTweet 16.10.14

NXTweet collections will now be on Saturdays. For a variety of boring practical reasons to do with writing for a blog. This week I mention Starrcade, Virgil and Chris Benoit. So look forward to all that, yeah?

Baron Corbin v Elias Sampson

Tweet 1: It's T for NX.
Tweet 2: Oh look. It's Baron Corbin. I suppose we should try and be excited...
Tweet 3: Quick match. Nothing to be excited about tbh.
Tweet 4: Renee says nobody's prepared to face him. Whatevs, Renee.

Sami Zayn promo, featuring verbal interference from Tyson Kidd

Tweet 5: Sami Zayn. Sick of losing fair and square.
Tweet 6: Maybe he's about to go Shawn Michaels on us. From now on 'The InZayn Kid' doesn't lie down for an.... y... bod-yyy!
Tweet 7: Oh no. He's not. He's going to be interrupted by 'Mr Charisma' Tyson Kidd.
Tweet 8: "Ooooooh, sick burn, Sami!" - Tyson Kidd, who is now eleven, apparently
Tweet 9: Tyson Kidd suggesting Zayn make a living selling pictures of himself losing to WWE Superstars. That's known as the Virgil approach.
Tweet 10: Tyson's got to put in a phone call and check on his cats before he wrestles. Stealing Teddy’s gimmick there...

Team Thick (Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy) v The Lucha Dragons

Tweet 11: The Lucha Dragons have good music. Kalisto has a good mask. I can take or leave the rest of the act.
Tweet 12: I'm picking Blake and Murphy to win this.
Tweet 13: Murphy and Blake have some lovely Chris Benoit style rip motifs on their ring gear. Lovely because they remind me of Benoit, obviously.
Tweet 14: The name Team Thick will be changed.
Tweet 15: Wesley Blake still looks like a short Undertaker.

Solid move.

Tweet 16: That sunset bomb finish was pretty sweet. #2sweetmebro
Tweet 17: "This is a match where offence can literally, LITERALLY, come out of nowhere" - Alex Riley

Becky Lynch v Charlotte

Tweet 18: Two obvious finisher names for Becky Lynch: the Lynch Pin (a roll-up of some kind) and the Lynch Pinch (a submission). You're welcome.
Tweet 19: I wonder if David Flair were younger whether he'd be doing as well as Charlotte in NXT.
Tweet 20: 'The Delty Diva'? That. Is. Awful.
Tweet 21: I still strongly dislike Becky's ring gear.
Tweet 22: That match turned the crowd off but it was pretty good. Rare instance of the NXT audience being wrong.

Recap of the ongoing crisis between Hideo Itami and The Ascension

Tweet 23: "Hideo's mentor Funaki" - Rich Brennan
Tweet 24: The Ascension with some vaguely racist comments there.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass v The Legionnaires

Tweet 25: Surely being a certified G indicates that you can be taught how to be a G. If not, how do you become certified?
Tweet 26: That Legionnaires music.

Uh-oh, spaghetti-ohs!

Tweet 27: Enzo and Cass doing the Outlaws rock-paper-scissors spot there.
Tweet 28: Marcus turns on Sylvester. The crowd chant "Oui!"

Carmella v Blue Pants, played by Leva Bates

Tweet 29: Cass and Enzo are calling out someone in blue pants? Bluetista?!
Tweet 30: Ah, no. It's a girl to job to Carmella. Cass has introduced her as Blue Pants. Hilarious.
Tweet 31: The commentary trying to rationalise Carmella going from hairdresser to NXT developmental girl. Kind of devalues NXT. A bit. No?

What's this going to be called then? The Carmellock, perhaps?

Tweet 32: Carmella wins in under thirty seconds. I don't want to say they don't have confidence in her ability yet, but...
Tweet 33: Probably for the best. The audience chanted for Blue Pants. They'd probs have turned on Carmella had it gone longer.

Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch in a locker room

Tweet 34: Sasha Banks there, dishing out some home truths to Becky.

Sami Zayn v Tyson Kidd

Tweet 35: Hoodie to the face. What a "diss."
Tweet 36: "There isn't much that Tyson Kidd has to prove here" - Alex Riley, who may not be fully aware of Tyson's career
Tweet 37: If Triple H wants NXT to be the new WCW the specials should start getting WCW pay-per-view names. Call the December one Starrcade.
Tweet 38: It would probably end up better than any real Starrcade.
Tweet 39: Alex Riley talking about Ws in the win column. I hope he talks about the pay window next.

Nice face action from Kidd there.

Tweet 40: Remember when people tapped immediately to the Sharpshooter? That they don't now is basically confirming Tyson's not as good as Bret.
Tweet 41: I mean, he's not, obviously. But they shouldn't be highlighting it on TV.
Tweet 42: Zayn wins! Zayn wins! Zayn wins! Bah god!! Zayn!! Zayn!! ZAAAAAAYN!!

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