Saturday 21 November 2015

NXTweet 18.11.15

Another week, another episode of NXT that blends squashes and lengthier competitive matches. Both the Jordan and Gable versus The Ascension tag match and the women's title main event are top stuff. Plus we got the reveal that Bayley is basically being afforded the 80s Hulk Hogan booking pattern. It's hard not to enjoy that.


Tweet 1: N. X. Tweet.
Tweet 2: I like the shot of Sheamus in his jaunty cap in the signature. Never mentioned that before.

Carmella v Nia Jax

Tweet 3: Big fan of Carmella's moonwalk basically being her walking backwards.
Tweet 4: "Hottest chick in the ring!" - Carmella, who was the only chick in the ring
Tweet 5: Carmella versus Awesome Jax.

Jax unwittingly teasing a Styles Clash there.

Tweet 6: Kind of surprised Triple H hasn't re-signed Kong for NXT. This feels like where she'd thrive in WWE.
Tweet 7: Devastating hip attack from Nia Jax there.
Tweet 8: This is not a good match.
Tweet 9: Jax should be given Michael Elgin's move set.

Alexa Bliss promo, featuring 'Fashionplate' Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy

Tweet 10: Alexa Bliss wearing that Goa'uld mind control device again. What? No, YOU'RE a pervert.
Tweet 11: I liked Blake's subtle transformation into Chris Hero in that scene.
Tweet 12: Let him go singles and give him a hip hop loving elbow thrower gimmick.

The Ascension v Jason Jordan and Chad Gable

Tweet 13: Absolutely insane pop for The Ascension here. Disappointed Stardust can't cross over to the NXT timestream.
Tweet 14: Fancy new gear on the NCAA lads here. Got their initials on them and everything.
Tweet 15: I'm hyped for this match. Always nice to see Konnor and Viktor treated like a big deal.
Tweet 16: That northern lights suplex. That toe point.
Tweet 17: I wouldn't be against The Ascension winning after a spotlight with a big star on it distracts Jordan and Gable.

Solid tag finisher this.

Tweet 18: Konnor and Viktor should get Road Warriors style interlocking haircuts.
Tweet 19: That was a strong match. Jordan and Gable deserve to be built up for a title win at WrestleMania weekend.

Tom Philips interviews Bayley

Tweet 20: Bayley not even looking at Tom Philips as she speaks here. Good. That's the level of respect he warrants.
Tweet 21: Good call having Bayley say the other three Horsewomen left and she stayed because she's the champ.
Tweet 22: Makes it clear it's her choice. Rather than that she's been left behind or that she's not good enough.

Emma v Mary Kate

Tweet 23: This old lad perving on Evil Emma from the front row though.
Tweet 25: "Mary Kate's" being a little tryhard here.
Tweet 26: Mary Kate though. Srsly?

Emma's feud with the Premier Athlete Brand starts here.

Tweet 27: I like Emma's uncoordinated heel shtick.

Baron Corbin promo

Tweet 28: Loving this reminder that Barry Corbin is the most hated man in NXT and it's largely because he's booked as himself.
Tweet 29: Corbin promo. Comically bad.
Tweet 30: "... courtesy of 'The Lone Wolf'" - Barry Corbin, who needs more mic time so that he can drop that hot sign-off more often

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder v Corey Hollis and John Skyler

Tweet 31: These job lads though...
Tweet 32: Really wish Dash 'n' Dawson had a better team name.
Tweet 33:  Little reference to the new champs changing the landscape of the tag division there. I like that.
Tweet 34: Good way of keeping the division fresh. I like booking that changes everything up when a title change happens.
Tweet 35: Gives everyone on the show something new to play off. Which is obviously good.

Another very good tag finisher here.

Tweet 36: Gimmick idea: have Dawson refer to his non-existent sculpted abs in promos.
Tweet 37: That was decent. Big fan of Dash 'B' Dawson just being brawl-lovin' lads.

Tom Philips interviews Asuka, Dana Brooke shows up

Tweet 38: Asuka in this mask. Tears.
Tweet 39: "NXT TV."
Tweet 40: "It's time for you to go" - Dana Brooke
Tweet 41: #feelings
Tweet 42: Oh look. Dana and Emma have a plan. Who would have guessed.

Samoa Joe cuts 90s Taz style promo from the car park

Tweet 43: Samoa Joe there with his top button done up. What happened to you, Joe?
Tweet 44: Hyping a contract signing FFS.

NXT women's championship: Bayley (c) v Alexa Bliss

Tweet 45: Speaking of #feelings... Alexa Bliss.
Tweet 46: I like women who turn heel in NXT getting remixed entrance themes.
Tweet 47: Imagine a Dark Bayley theme. It'd be the sound of gunfire and children screaming.
Tweet 48: Third week in a row we're getting the dropped lights for ring intros. Strong stuff.
Tweet 49: These people really like Bayley, eh?
Tweet 50: This match is slick so far.
Tweet 51: Bayley doing the corner knee. She should start doing the crotch chop and deliberate stride before she hits it.

Getting a big Jericho vibe form this picture. That's never a good sign.

Tweet 52: Alexa is definitely not ratchet. These people need to pipe down.
Tweet 53: Bayley solidifying her spot as the female John Cena by loudly and obviously calling spots there.
Tweet 54: Alexa's botch moonsault having become a move though...
Tweet 55: Imagine if Bayley just randomly adopted the look and mannerisms of Davey Boy Smith, SummerSlam '92 roid monster edition.
Tweet 56: That match was shorter than I expected. There are five minutes left. Still really strong though. Bayley and Bliss are both great.
Tweet 57: Eva Marie here, once again shamelessly straying from her all red theme.
Tweet 58: Let's take a moment to appreciate that Bayley is being booked like Hogan. Beat someone, be faced with a bigger challenge, beat them.

You can actually see the pity in Bayley's eyes.

Tweet 59: "Okay, now be quiet, you little dorks" - Heat magnet Eva Marie
Tweet 60: If Eva told me to be quiet I would be. #justsaying
Tweet 61: Eva is a better promo than Barry Corbin. She just had to contend with a nuclear crowd.
Tweet 62: Strong NXT episode that. Nice work.

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