Saturday 12 September 2015

NXTweet 09.09.15

One NXT this week: Australian women, more Dusty Tag Classic action, and NXT being recorded at WWE TV tapings! What a time to be alive, as they say.


Tweet 1: Just put on the Network to find an Orton v Cena match. The people in charge of schedules really know how to grab people.
Tweet 2: I'm switching over to NXT... now.
Tweet 3: NXT could totes do its own opening tag thing. It would go against the point though, failing to celebrate the history of WWE.

Peyton Royce v Carmella

Tweet 4: You're not a princess, Carmella. Nor are you fabulous.
Tweet 5: Can't wait until Peyton Royce and Emma form a pro-Australia stable.
Tweet 6: Fist bump of Honor.
Tweet 7: The usually solid Rich Brennan just calling a fisherman suplex a suplex there.

A fisherman suplex.

Tweet 8: Imagine if someone won off a cross body in 2015.
Tweet 9: Carmella won by tap out. In WWE that qualifies her as a submission specialist.

Samoa Joe and Finn Bálor backstage

Tweet 10: Joe handing Bálor the title belt was utterly cringe and I can't say why.
Tweet 11: I did like Joe pronouncing Bálor as "bailer" though.

Recap of Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic house show matches

Tweet 12: Other than a Dawkins and Fulton appearance it doesn't look like we missed much with these round one house show matches.
Tweet 13: Wouldn't have minded seeing Wilder and Dawson wrestling though. Those lads are #enjoyable

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Tyler Breeze and Bull Dempsey v Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano

Tweet 14: *Looks at Tyler*
Tweet 15: Where's Bull's robe?
Tweet 16: Bull Dempsey is the kind of guy who'd be booked as a monster if he was in EVOLVE. Just bear that I'm mind.
Tweet 17: Really liking Gargano and Ciampa running through some generic tag team posing.
Tweet 18: That slap though.
Tweet 19: Honestly, seemed a dick move from Ciampa. Breeze sold it so well though.
Tweet 20: Why is Bull being booked as the more competent member of his team?
Tweet 21: I wish Ciampa was wrestling as Tommy Penmanship.

This is where Bull Fit gets you.

Tweet 22: Half-arsed tag work to get the pin aside that match was pretty good. Could've done with more 'Prince Pretty' though.
Tweet 23: Lol at this vicious post-match kicking from Breeze to Bull. Bit of a comedown for Breeze if Bull's his next Takeover opponent though.

The Lucha Dragons talk about the DRTTC backstage

Tweet 24: Sin Cara having a little chat in Spanish here. Got to keep the luchador gimmick strong, brother.
Tweet 25: I don't speak Spanish but I'm assuming he botched something. Because he's Sin Cara.
Tweet 26: Backstage "Lucha!" fist pumping. #cringe

Dana Brooke talks to Devin Taylor

Tweet 27: Excellent mid-promo pauses from Dana Brooke here.
Tweet 28: 'The Total Diva' needs to learn how to talk to the total correct camera.

Dana Brooke v Billie Kay

Tweet 29: Billie Kay, Peyton Royce and Emma form a new trio and join in the main roster feud. #bookit
Tweet 30: Their motivation is that they're angry at being left out of The Greatest Women's Feud of All Time. Like the Sontarans with the Time War.
Tweet 31: Y'know, like in The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky.

RIP Dana's silver and pink motif.

Tweet 32: Really liking Dana Brooke's work here. She has the potential to be a solid trash-talker.
Tweet 33: Dana spamming a handstand into an elbow drop like some sort of n00b fighting game player.
Tweet 34: Or, if you prefer, character.
Tweet 35: When is Dana's finisher going to be acknowledged as the Alex Shane tribute it CLEARLY is?

Apollo Crews talks to Devin Taylor

Tweet 36: Apollo Crews there, saying he can't put into words how great it is to be in NXT then putting it into words anyway.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: The Lucha Dragons v Finn Bálor and Samoa Joe

Tweet 37: Jimmy Uso and Tom Phillips on commentary for the main event. Lower your expectations.

The latest addition to the Finn Bálor package: a jacket. Exciting times.

Tweet 38: Finn Bálor's jacket is verging on Chris Jericho territory. Not somewhere you should want to be these days. Because Jericho's a mess.
Tweet 39: Providence, Rhode Island does not seem like NXT country. Hopefully the lads can win them over.
Tweet 40: "This is awesome!" chant for a wrist lock. That's why I hate that chant.
Tweet 41: Kalisto running into the ring like a weaselish little heel there.
Tweet 42: Maybe he thought it was Lucha rules and Cara had left the ring. That'd be a good gimmick for the Dragons: they wrestle under lucha rules.
Tweet 43: Looking forward to Joe tagging in and beasting Kalisto.

Fingers crossed they start calling themselves
The New Mega Powers.

Tweet 44: Bálor gets worked over by the Dragons. Joe gives both of them a kicking. I hope Joe handling them better leads to Joe's title shot.
Tweet 45: Because the Lucha Dragons should definitely be booked as the gateway to the NXT championship.
Tweet 46: Celebrating with a too sweet because teasing some sort of New Kliq is a thing that's happening.
Tweet 47: Good show. Good hustle.

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