Saturday 7 March 2015

NXTweet 04.03.15

Sasha Banks and Charlotte get to headline the show with their women's title match, plus more Kevin Owens attacking Alex Riley, the return of Adam Rose, and further hints of a new character for Emma. It's yet another very strong wrestling show from NXT. Thumbs up, guys!


Tweet 1: You wanna talk about the roar of the crowd? You wanna talk about NXT!
Tweet 2: Recap of Owens being champ and getting himself ready for Finn Bálor. This is out of the ordinary no?
Tweet 3: It's another move that sets NXT up as its own thing.
Tweet 4: Recap of Riley's hilarious "I'm a man" line from last week.
Tweet 5: Hoping the commentary team talk about how Bálor and Riley are mates this week.

William Regal and Alex Riley in Regal's office

Tweet 6: Riley and Regal having a chat. A-Ry basically saying he can do anything Regal can. Lolno, mate.
Tweet 7: Regal carried that. Riley is awful. I really hate that his irritating Twitter campaign got him some attention from Trips.

Adam Rose v Tyler Breeze

Tweet 8: Marking out for the Ninja Turtle in Rose's entourage. Very CHIKARA.
Tweet 9: I also like the guy who's gimmick is nothing more than looking vaguely like Byron Saxton.
Tweet 10: Selfie stick. #swoons
Tweet 11: WWE should play up the similarities between Rose and Jason King.
Tweet 12: "Ninja Turtle!" chant. Those guys get it.

This is the environment in which Rose works best.

Tweet 13: They've done more stalling than you'd get in the average Kevin Nash match so far.
Tweet 14: Breeze won. Before this segment ends I'd like to suggest putting someone in Rose's entourage dressed as Leo Kruger. #meta

Big Cass and Enzo Amore talk about Blake and Murphy

Tweet 15: "That Australian kid" - Big Cass
Tweet 16: Cass just announced nobody gets to talk to Carmella. Which begs the question: who'd want to?

An unseen interview talks to Alexa Bliss

Tweet 17: What's Alexa Bliss been up to since we last saw her? Healing physically and mentally, apparently. And dying her hair.
Tweet 18: Fifteen seconds of talking. Good approach. No one's getting that wrong. Except maybe Barry Corbin.

Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton v Blake and Murphy

Tweet 19: Still loving Blake and Murphy's early 90's WCW music.
Tweet 20: Dawkins and Fulton making a surprisingly low key tag debut here.
Tweet 21: Loving Sawyer Fulton's Rick Steiner tribute.

Even Fulton's naff hair is better than Blake and Murphy.

Tweet 22: I miss Angelo Dawkins' backpack.
Tweet 23: Dawkins and Fulton > Blake and Murphy
Tweet 24: "Can anyone beat these two, Jason?" - Alex Riley on BLAKE AND MURPHY

Charlotte, Bayley and Emma in a locker room

Tweet 25: Bayley wishes Charlotte luck. Charlotte walks off. Emma turns up and reveals her new bitterness gimmick.
Tweet 26: She reminds me of me.
Tweet 27: Bayley and Emma feuding over something that's not the women's championship would be good. Adds depth to the division.

Rhyno video

Tweet 28: Video reminding us Rhyno came back. It's very shouty.
Tweet 29: People in that video who got Gored included: Orlando Jordan, Lance Storm and The Rock.

Baron Corbin v Tony Briggs

Tweet 30: Barry Corbin and his weird nose there.
Tweet 31: This Briggs lad is chunky ain't he?
Tweet 32: Kevin Owens is back at the announce desk. Fingers crossed he jobs out Riley again.

I still think this move is ridiculous.

Tweet 33: Barry beat Tony. First name lols.
Tweet 34: Jason Train plays the straight man in a very George Constanza way.

It's still real to A-Ry, dammit!

Tweet 35: Owens provokes Riley. The crowd chant for Riley. I'm sickened by that. You've got Kevin Owens RIGHT THERE and you're chanting for Riley.

Sami Zayn video

Tweet 36: Earlier this week Sami Zayn Skyped in from Montreal. Allegedly.
Tweet 37: Maybe Triple H is so method that he flew Zayn up to Montreal from Florida on the McMahon family jet.
Tweet 38: "We can't film it in Florida! We have to go to Montreal! People will know!" - An imaginary comment from Triple H

Alex Riley confronts William Regal in his office

Tweet 39: A-Ry use your inside voice, bruv.

Solomon Crowe v Bull Dempsey

Tweet 40: The orange on Crowe's singlet matches his tan.
Tweet 41: And the black on it matches his dye job.

Bull would have been a good fit in DUF.

Tweet 42: Add hair to the list of things I like about Bull Dempsey.
Tweet 43: That weird little rebound splash finish isn't going to last. It'll be downgraded to a transition move.

NXT women's championship: Sasha Banks (c) v Charlotte

Tweet 44: Looks like the women's championship match is getting about ten minutes. Good stuff.
Tweet 45: Sasha Banks. #feelings
Tweet 46: If the heat between Sasha and Charlotte is genuine WWE may have found its new Bret and Shawn rivalry.
Tweet 47: Ahhhhhh the I'm-the-champion-so-I'll-take-a-count-out-loss-and-not-care-about-it routine. It's a classic.
Tweet 48: When I made William Regal in create-a-wrestler on No Mercy I gave him the knee lifts in a headlock move Charlotte just did.

Weird-looking elbow on Charlotte there.

Tweet 49: Loving these sequences calling back to the Rival four-way. Why can't they do this on the main roster?
Tweet 50: "Sasha using the four count!" - Rich Brennan on five counts
Tweet 51: One of Sasha's greatest strengths is making everything she does look vicious. She's so much better than AJ Lee.

One of the best submission holds in WWE.

Tweet 52: Bank Statement. #nevernotgood
Tweet 53: "Whadda spear!" Rich Brennan and The Albert Train on a rough-looking spear
Tweet 54: The crowd were right though: it WAS better than Reigns' spear.
Tweet 55: Had Charlotte watched some more of her dad's matches she'd have known going to the top rope wasn't going to work out.
Tweet 56: Really good match. They could have had Sasha go over clean though. Charlotte can afford a loss.

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