Saturday 31 January 2015

NXTweet 28.01.15

The number one contendership tournament continues. The four women who will wrestle for the women’s championship had a tag match then brawled. And a contract was signed for the main event of the next NXT Takeover show. Good episode. Strong effort.


Tweet 1: I am watching NXT.
Tweet 2: This week: a contract signing! But first Blake and Murphy with their amazing entrance music.

NXT tag team championship match: Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy v Lucha Dragons (c)

Tweet 3: Polite applause from the audience sums up the sudden push of Blake and Murphy perfectly.
Tweet 4: Kalisto writhing around like a sex pest there.
Tweet 5: Buddy Murphy still looks like a young Undertaker. #youngtaker
Tweet 6: I'm enjoying the Lucha Dragons being booed.
Tweet 7: The Dragons have been pretty blotchy in this.

Their team name should be Better Than Dragons.

Tweet 8: What...? But... restart of some sort, yeah?
Tweet 9: No? You're going with Murphy and Blake as tag champs. Okay. I guess.
Tweet 10: To be honest they're not a bad team, they're just a bit generic compared to other NXT teams. Nice to have a change though.

Bayley and Charlotte chat in a locker room

Tweet 11: Remember last week when they set up a four-way title match? Well just in case you don't they're replaying a hefty portion of the segment.
Tweet 12: Bayley taking the Sami Zayn approach and saying she's been too nice. Charlotte giving an aggressive retort. She should've wooed.

Number one contender tournament: Adrian Neville v Tyson Kidd

Tweet 13: Neville once had a Taiwanese girlfriend but she left him because she didn't fit in with the Newcastle culture.
Tweet 14: She now lives with his brother in Sunderland. #deliberatePartridge
Tweet 15: That static interference thing was more interesting than static interference has any right to be.
Tweet 16: I'm assuming it'll be Solomon Crowe's hacker gimmick. If he's still being allowed to do it. Which he should be. It sounded great.
Tweet 17: Kidd and Gabriel probably could have gone places as a team if anyone had bothered giving them things to do.

Tyson 'Cat Shins' Kidd.

Tweet 18: Kidd's heel antics need some work. Covering the other guy's head with the ring valance? What's that, eh?
Tweet 19: Nice little power bomb from Neville there.
Tweet 20: Predictable win for Neville. Good match. Kidd might have won if he'd rolled out of the ring instead of into Red Arrow position.
Tweet 21: Bargain bin Jeremy Borash has shown up to chat up Neville.
Tweet 22: Nev said he'd win the tournament and get the title back, basically.

Team BAE chat backstage

Tweet 23: Subtle (by which I mean not subtle) bit of dissension in Team BAE there.

Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy celebrate their title win backstage

Tweet 24: Blake and Murphy marking out over their title win. They're basically better than The Ascension.
Tweet 25: I can't figure out if we're meant to like them or not.

Charlotte and Bayley v Team BAE

Tweet 26: Charlotte's handstand routine into the ring is so convoluted.
Tweet 27: Pretty sure Becky Lynch thinks she's Lita.
Tweet 28: For the record Bayley is still the best female babyface NXT has.
Tweet 29: Always love WWE commentators making out everyone has an equal chance of winning multi-way matches.

Charlotte going all Bray Wyatt.

Tweet 30: Trad figure four with a handstand. Natch should've used that. Maybe he'd have won with the move more.
Tweet 31: Charlotte and Bayley have turned on each other. I don't think ANY of us saw this coming. Whadda swerve!

Devin Taylor interviews Finn Bálor, featuring Hideo Itami

Tweet 32: Bálor's up for a match with Itami. Itami's up for a match with Bálor. Looking forward to that match, y'know.
Tweet 33: I would've liked it if Bálor had announced that he's going to murder Itami and absorb his soul to become Super Bálor.
Tweet 34: Sort of thing we can all relate to.

Devin Taylor interviews Emma

Tweet 35: Emma being positive about her demotion there.
Tweet 36: She seemed a bit heelish. A heelish Emma would he good. And it would be something new for the women's division.
Tweet 37: Calling it now: heel Emma v face Charlotte or Bayley for the special after the one in February.

Number one contender tournament: Baron Corbin v Bull Dempsey

Tweet 38: Baron Corbin's borrowed Roman Reigns's SWAT vest.
Tweet 39: Baron Von Corbin versus Mega Taz: round two.
Tweet 40: "He has something unique about him. A mystique, a gaze!" - Alex Riley on Baron Corbin

FYI Bull's crying.

Tweet 41: I imagine Corbin's going to lose at some point in this tournament. I'll be interested to see how it's handled.
Tweet 42: Keen to see him against a guy as established as Neville too.

Devin Taylor interviews Baron Corbin, featuring Bull Dempsey

Tweet 43: Ohhhhhhh... Promos aren't Corbin's strong point are they?

William Regal oversees Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens signing a contract

Tweet 44: #Regalpop
Tweet 45: Zayn's busted out a flat cap, so you know it's a special occasion.
Tweet 46: Just a couple of French Canadian lads getting ready to write their names on a bit of paper.

Fancier table than the main roster generally gets.

Tweet 47: Regal will cancel the match if they fight here. I bet he really, really means that.
Tweet 48: "Maybe I should have seen this coming!" - Sami Zayn to Kevin Owens, who should have seen it coming because Owens had turned on him before
Tweet 49: Loving Owens holding the show up in exchange for an NXT title match. Makes the championship important and explains his character.
Tweet 50: Loling at Regal adding a hand-written clause to make it a title match.
Tweet 51: "Sign, Owens, sign!" - The audience
Tweet 52: Most cordial contract signing segment ever.

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