Saturday 3 January 2015

NXTweet 01.01.15

NXT champ Sami Zayn Skypes in, Curtis Axel wears a dumb T-shirt, and Blue Pants returns. Quite the week on NXT.

Tye Dillinger and Jason Jordan v The Lucha Dragons

Tweet 1: NXTime.
Tweet 2: How will this episode start? Authority promo? nWo takeover? John Morrison match? I'm about to find out...
Tweet 3: Oh. It’s the Lucha Dragons.
Tweet 4: Commentary teams kayfabing like it's New Year's Day. Whatevs.
Tweet 5: Charles Robinson looks puzzled by the Dragons. Good on him. He's doing the facial expression we're all feeling.
Tweet 6: Tye Dillinger and The New Real Double J. This could be good with some time. They probs won't get it though.
Tweet 7: Upside. Manscaping. #commentarywords
Tweet 8: Classic botch from Sin Cara there.
Tweet 9: That match lasted less than five minutes and ended with a wonky sunset bomb. Poor effort.

Excellent T-shirt cutting from Gotch and English.

Tweet 10: #Vaudevillainspop
Tweet 11: Their run-in was better than the match.

Bull Dempsey and CJ Parker chat backstage

Tweet 12: Bull Dempsey and CJ Parker having a little chat. This is what I watch NXT for.
Tweet 13: "It's about the greater good" - Bull Dempsey with a comment that's made me want to see him start a communist gimmick

Carmella v Blue Pants

Tweet 14: Enzo's rooster strut.
Tweet 15: Note the lack of reaction to Carmella. Also worth mentioning is that she doesn't seem able to speak into the microphone.
Tweet 16: Carmella's a heel. Cass and Enzo are faces. Great stuff.
Tweet 17: They should sign Blue Pants. Give her a recording of Cass's humming as entrance music.

Blue Pants: more over than several contracted performers.

Tweet 18: Blue Pants has won. Amusingly Cass's humming was actually played.
Tweet 19: It was Enzo's fault. Carmella's attacking him. Looking forward to their match at the next tapings.

CJ Parker v Baron Corbin

Tweet 20: Idea for CJ: get some trunks with a recycling emblem on the back and tell everyone they're made from recycled material.
Tweet 21: They could go so much further with this gimmick. Weekly skits of CJ doing eco-minded stuff around Florida. None of it should be genuine.

Dempsey watches Corbin and Parker re-enact the "flying" Titanic scene.

Tweet 22: Still not impressed by Baron Corbin. Best thing about him is being able to imagine he's called Baron Von Corbin.
Tweet 23: "Are we gonna do this?" - Baron Von Corbin with the most homoerotic comment of the night
Tweet 24: Bull looks like a disgruntled puppy after that tussle.

William Regal talks to Devin Taylor backstage

Tweet 25: Regal announcing Sami Zayn's return. Curtis Axel rocking up. This is... concerning.
Tweet 26: Curtis wants to "recharge" his career. You want to recharge your inaccurate Better Than Perfect shirt, mate.

Charlotte talks to Devin Taylor in the ring

Tweet 27: Charlotte's wearing wrestling gear and a T-shirt for a promo segment. And she calls herself a Flair...
Tweet 28: "Blue Pants" being chanted at Charlotte. That's lol.

This is not a revolutionary champion.

Tweet 29: Speaking of lol Charlotte's just claimed NXT's revolutionising women's wrestling. It's good, but revolutionising is going a bit far.
Tweet 30: "It's Natalya's music!" - Rich Brennan on Natalya's music
Tweet 31: Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch v Natalya and Charlotte. Team Surname v Team No Surname.

Sami Zayn phone promo

Tweet 32: Sami Zayn recording in portrait on his face because he doesn't understand how television works. You used to be cool, Sami...
Tweet 33: All Sami can think about is the betrayal of Kevin Owens. Because it was such shocking behaviour and has never happened before.

Renee Young v Kevin Owens in an empty arena promo segment

Tweet 34: Renee Young giving Kevin Owens the hard questions. Owens bailing because SHOOT, BRO.
Tweet 35: Ascension. #ROAR

The Ascension v Finn Bálor and Hideo Itami

Tweet 36: "Some say he's as big as Ric Flair in Japan" - Renee Young on Hideo Itami
Tweet 37: Bálor's lack of face paint seems to have deflated the crowd. Did they really not get that it's a special occasion thing?
Tweet 38: This final Ascension v Bálor and Itami match needs to see The Ascension get battered inside of three minutes. Don't think that's happening.
Tweet 39: Alex Riley calling Itami and Bálor kids. Because he's a heel commentator.
Tweet 40: This referee looks like a young Mike Chioda. So I'm a fan.

This was a low point.

Tweet 41: Itami has the best hair in this match.
Tweet 42: "Konnor is one of the most impressive NXT superstars to me because he's such an impressive athlete" - Alex Riley, analysing Konnor
Tweet 43: Why is Riley on commentary when Corey Graves isn't?
Tweet 44: Bálor's been isolated. If Itami doesn't steamroll over everyone when he gets in I'm going to weep.
Tweet 45: Bear hugs are devastating, yo.
Tweet 46: Cena would have beaten The Ascension by now. #justsaying
Tweet 47: "It is crucial he makes this tag" - Renee Young on a tag that wasn't made... so what happens now, Renee?
Tweet 48: Viktor does a mean STO.
Tweet 49: "How d'ya like me now, Riley?" - 'Hardcore' Renee Young
Tweet 50: It went longer than was ideal but that was a fun match. Good show.

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