Sunday 3 August 2014

NXTweet 31.07.14

Okay, here we go. No thrills, no spills, just my comments copied from Twitter about this week’s NXT. Enjoy.

Tyler Breeze v Angelo Dawkins

Tweet 1: Exclusively on the WWE Network apparently. Even though you can watch it on TV here. C'mon, WWE.
Tweet 2: Breeze being on the show is good. Angelo Dawkins being on the show is... erm...
Tweet 3: It’s something.
Tweet 4: Breeze is all about keeping his song in "the number top ten charts" according to Renee.
Tweet 5: The Beauty Shot is getting some nice treatment but it's still a spinning heel kick.

Breeze, nailing Blue Steel as he performs a spinning heel kick.

Tyler Breeze promo

Tweet 6: Just noticed Breeze's soul patch. Tremendous.
Tweet 7: The music video has been submitted for an Oscar. The announcement should have been a Breeze 2015 calendar.
Tweet 8: Lol at Adrian Neville getting boos for interrupting the music video.
Tweet 9: Neville busting out the mum cusses like a true blue stand-up babyface.
Tweet 10: I think we all want to know how Natalya feels about Adam Rose returning to NXT.

Devin Taylor chats to Natalya and an uninvited Tyson Kidd

Tweet 11: Tyson Kidd there, saying Rose has squandered all his chances on RAW. Pretty sure Rose has won most of his matches.
Tweet 12: And surely that's the definition of making the most of an opportunity in wrestling logic terms.
Tweet 13: When Kurt Angle goes back to WWE I hope you all know he's getting put in NXT to relearn how to work.

Becky Lynch v Charlotte

Tweet 14: Why bother developing your own traits when your dad's Ric Flair? Woooooo!
Tweet 15: Becky Lynch. Her finisher should be the Lynch Pinch.
Tweet 16: Comparisons to Lita are made by the commentary team. Good thing Punk's not around anymore.
Tweet 17: This match is far better than the Charlotte v Summer match last week.
Tweet 18: For the record that's Summer as in Summer Rae, not Summer as in the season.
Tweet 19: That match was a good advert for Charlotte. If the main roster had its division together of say she should be called up.
Tweet 20: As it is she's better off in NXT.

Mojo Rawley and Bull Dempsey agree to team

Tweet 21: Mojo Rawley and Bull Dempsey as a tag team? I don't know how to feel...
Tweet 22: On the one hand Bull's great. On the other hand Mojo's Mojo.

The Ascension v Steve Cutler and Mac Miles

Tweet 23: Note how Konor cuts stripes off his T-shirt to make himself look bigger. That's how it's done, kids.
Tweet 24: I'm picking Cutler and Miles in this match.
Tweet 25: Dem shoulder blocks.

Lookit that POWER!

Tweet 26: Mike Chioda reffing this match. #learninghowtowork
Tweet 27: My prediction was incorrect. The Ascension won. If Steve Cutler and Mac Miles can't beat them then I don't think anyone can.
Tweet 28: That Ascension promo. That was... something else.

Mojo Rawley and Bull Dempsey v The Mechanics

Tweet 29: Is Mojo Rawley's gimmick that he has ADHD?
Tweet 30: "This is like mixing a T-bone steak with peanut butter and jelly!" - Byron Saxton on Mojo Rawley and Bull Dempsey
Tweet 31: The Mechanics. An actual team name on NXT.
Tweet 32: I'll say this for Mojo, his lime green trunks are not awful.
Tweet 33: Dash Wilder has something of the Jamie Nobles about him.
Tweet 34: 'The Throwback' didn't do much in that match. But what he did do was good.

Charlotte snarks at Bayley backstage

Tweet 35: Who is this bargain bin Matt Striker Rich dude yammering it up with Bayley?
Tweet 36: Charlotte there, going at the mean girl shtick like a trooper.

Adam Rose v Tyson Kidd

Tweet 37: Just a reminder that Adam Rose puts me in mind of Jason King.
Tweet 38: Tyson Kidd's entrance music sounds like a sub-par SmackDown theme.
Tweet 39: Natalya giving Adam Rose's lollipop a lick. #PGera

Natalya likes a lollipop.

Tweet 40: Remember when Kidd's hair was just a quiff? I was a fan of that. He should bring it back.
Tweet 41: This match is fine and all but Kidd's doing nothing to antagonise the audience. That's just as much a part of WWE as actual rasslin'.
Tweet 42: Checking the arm in a sleeper. #oldschool
Tweet 43: If Rose ever goes heel the lollipop will make an excellent signature foreign object.
Tweet 44: The surprise roll-up finish has been doing big business in WWE over the last year.
Tweet 45: This Natalya and Tyson storyline is going to end with Tyson putting her in the Sharpshooter.

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