Thursday 2 January 2014

That Wrestling Podcast Episode 32

Lovely blue trunks there
In a break from our usual ramblings about WWE this episode focuses on Ring of Honor. It’s not the AJ Styles signing chat your might expect, mainly because it was recorded weeks before ‘The Phenomenal One’s’ return to the promotion that helped make him famous was announced. That’s something I imagine we’ll cover in the next few weeks. There’s not much point talking about it until AJ’s made his comeback is there?

This episode’s topic is Breaking Out. We discuss how far up the ROH card three existing members of the roster could make it. The men in question are high-flyer extraordinaire ACH, wafer thin underdog Cheeseburger, and one half of reDRagon Kyle O’Reilly. Do any of them have what it takes to help ROH grow into a larger operation than it currently is or have they all gone as high as they can already?

Also discussed are drop kicks. Specifically who has the nicest drop kick in wrestling. I’m sticking with my pick of Lance Storm, but Dolph Ziggler and Hardcore Holly bother deserve a mention.

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