Thursday 8 November 2012

NXTweet 07.11.12

There were four matches on this week’s NXT. Two were enjoyable, one was a brief encounter designed to get a dominant act over, and one introduced a new character. On the surface you’d think this would make the episode a good one. Unfortunately not.

The opening contest pitted Kassius Ohno against main roster enhancement talent Trent Baretta. There are plenty of developmental wrestlers on the NXT roster that require the exposure that this show provides. Trent Baretta, as a man who is an accepted member of the main roster, doesn’t need the extra air time. There are plenty of guys who would have been better choices.

Memo Montenegro, brother of former WWE champion Alberto Del Rio, was used as fodder for muscle-headed walking bad haircut Big E Langston. As a way of getting Langston over it worked. It didn’t do ADR’s brother any favours though. This was the match that should have featured an expendable member of the main roster.

Jason Jordan and Luke Harper got to have a good match. Harper has an interesting look and his association with Bray Wyatt, one of the finest prospects of the brand, should help both men. Harper will benefit from being with a talented mic man while Bray gains an interference-runner who looks like a believable threat. I’m looking forward to the expansion of the Wyatt Family.

The main event was the worst offender for wasting spots. While enjoyable the only NXT guy involved was Bo Dallas. Justin Gabriel, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal all have regular, if not spectacular, spots on television. Richie Steamboat and Kassius Ohno could have been involved in a four-way, advanced their feud and still given the crowd and viewers at home a match of high quality.

Match quality on NXT remains higher than any of WWE’s other programmes. The emphasis needs to remain on younger talent though. Too many Superstars dilutes the show’s unique appeal.

Opening segment

Tweet 1: NXTweet.
Tweet 2: Little recap of a Justin Gabriel promo. Good start? Meh...
Tweet 3: Will 3MB be mentioned when two of its members face one another? Probs not.

Trent Baretta v Kassius Ohno

Tweet 4: It's Kassius... OHNO!!
Tweet 5: Trent Baretta. Erm... he wears nice tights?
Tweet 6: There's a guy in the audience who looks like Lou Albano.
Tweet 7: Dragon sleeper. That's a move that's not used anywhere near enough. I love it.
Tweet 8: The first guy I saw use a dragon sleeper was Owen Hart. The guy who made me aware of the name was Jim Ross. True story.
Tweet 9: "Ohno and Baretta trading blows" - Byron Saxton as Ohno went for a suplex
Tweet 10: Here's an idea (and a good one at that): get Joey Styles to call matches at an NXT taping. Saxton would learn a lot.
Tweet 11: Ohno goes over. Right call.
Tweet 12: "We are learning about the character of Trent Baretta." I'm learning he has one...

Corey Graves vignette

Tweet 13: Graves video is good. Reminds me Punk's ECW debut. Not a bad thing.

Big E Langston v Memo Montenegro

Tweet 14: Memo Montenegro looks familiar... #Albertosbrother
Tweet 15: Langston was banned from amateur wrestling. He's got the old Balls Mahoney gimmick...
Tweet 16: I still think Langston's finish is stupid.
Tweet 17: Those fans love a five count.
Tweet 18: Rita Repulsa on the big screen there.
Tweet 19: She's feuding with Big E Langston? What is this? No, seriously. What?
Tweet 20: Chad Baxter. That's the name of a wrestler apparently. Not a main event wrestler.
Tweet 21: Big E works a good squash and has some big muscles but his hair's still stupid.

Jason Jordan v Luke Harper

Tweet 22: Jason Jordan facing...?
Tweet 23: HUSKY HARRIS!! Excellent.
Tweet 24: Good promo. I love Bray Wyatt. He is tremendous.
Tweet 25: Necro Butcher's lost some weight... and gained some height...
Tweet 26: This as-yet-unnamed "mysterious competitor" looks like a Raven lackey from 1996.
Tweet 27: Jordan loses to a Black Hole slam.
Tweet 28: "Whoever this man is he hasn't taken his eyes off of Bray Wyatt throughout this whole match" - William Regal, lying
Tweet 29: Luke Harper is the first member of the Wyatt Family. Promising stable.

Bray Wyatt has a great look

Roman Reigns promo

Tweet 30: Roman Reigns looks a little like Leo Kruger. He's giving a standard heel promo like Kruger used too as well.
Tweet 31: I see nothing in Roman Reigns.

Jinder Mahal v Justin Gabriel v Drew McIntyre v Bo Dallas

Tweet 32: Justin Gabriel needs new entrance music and a fresh gimmick. Smiley babyfaces don't cut it anymore.
Tweet 33: By the way, Jinder Mahal's Perspex Box is at ringside.
Tweet 34: No 3MB reference yet. McIntyre and Mahal are having a staredown at the mo.
Tweet 35: NXT exists within a parallel wrestling universe.
Tweet 36: If I could have a job in WWE it would be booking NXT.
Tweet 37: Mahal just clotheslined McIntyre! Is this the end for 3MB?!
Tweet 38: JR is pausing before naming wrestlers in this match. I think he's checking notes on his wrist.
Tweet 39: McIntyre is the first man out. He's still not being chosen.
Tweet 40: Gabriel's gone too. Mahal is in the final two. I don't understand why he's getting such a heavy push on this show.
Tweet 41: Bo Dallas ain't no quitter, yo.
Tweet 42: If Bo Dallas loses I shall be perplexed.
Tweet 43: So of course Jinder wins. Dallas would have benefited from a match with Rollin far more.
Tweet 44: For that matter more NXT guys should have been in that match.
Tweet 45: Rollins v Mahal should be good though. Their finals clash was decent.

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