Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Dem Boys From Sandy Fork

Mark and Jay Briscoe are one of the few examples of men that have been consistently pushed by Ring of Honor over the last two years. Kevin Steen has been absent from the company for large chunks of time. Eddie Edwards and Roderick Strong have drifted up and down the card. Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly and Michael Elgin have not been elevated as aggressively and effectively as they should have been.
All the time this has been going on the Briscoe brothers have enjoyed a featured spot. At one point they were being presented as good guys but were getting heavily booed on any ROH show they appeared on. The decision was made to turn them, but fans then decided that they enjoyed the new characters the brothers exhibited (thanks in part to some captivating promos from Jay). They were switched again, only this time they kept aspects of their heel personas.
This could be taken as a booking team doing a good job: an act was unpopular and steps were taken to rectify the situation. I think it's more a case of a booking team getting something wrong. The fans were sending the company a clear message when they booed the Briscoes. That message was that people were tired of 'Dem Boys' being so heavily featured. It was ignored.

Mark and Jay have been with Ring of Honor since day one (which they are happy to point out). They have faced every notable double act that has passed through the company. That includes everyone on the current (and incredibly thin) roster. They are one of the most heavily pushed and protected acts, routinely beating other tandems that deserve to rise up the ranks and being awarded title matches on TV and iPPV that others deserve.

Since day one...

Final Battle is a perfect example of this. ‘Dem Boys’ will challenge SCUM for the tag team titles along with the C&C Wrestle Factory. There’s nothing wrong with a three-way tag title match but did it really need to involve the Briscoes? Coleman and Alexander should be the only challengers, they shouldn’t be sharing the spotlight.
With the Briscoes incapable of having any fresh matches without new or outside talent being brought in wouldn't it be a good idea to give the pair a break? The money spent on them could be used on another duo, such as BLKOUT or the Young Bucks, who could provide the company and its fans with some fresh content. New matches always need to be a priority for any promotion.
At the very least the Briscoes could be excused from TV and iPPV for a while. That would stop the problem of their overexposure and ROH's reliance on repeated matches but still allow them to be used at house shows. They'd still be drawing fans but wouldn't be clogging up precious minutes of air time.

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