Sunday, 11 November 2012

Millions of Dollars

When you hear the mention of “millions of dollars” on WWE television these days it’s usually in relation to the Prime Time Players. On tomorrow’s episode of RAW the sum of money will be mentioned in the same breath as another Superstar: Brad Maddox.

Technically he is not yet a superstar. He remains a rogue official who screwed Ryback out of the WWE championship of his own volition. His reasoning, as given on last Monday’s show, was that he has always wanted to be a WWE star, stealing the spotlight and being the talk of the wrestling world (I’m paraphrasing but that’s the gist). He recounted his journey to the developmental territory and relegation to lowly referee, with his actions at Hell in a Cell being presented as the final option left open to a desperate man.
Maddox will have a memorable first match on RAW
I think the way in which Brad Maddox has made his way to the main roster is nice. It’s something different and allows him to stand out. With his average look, average height and average physique he needs all the help he can get making an impact.

It was decreed by Vince McMahon himself that if Maddox can defeat the mighty Ryback on RAW then he will be signed to a million dollar contract. I firmly believe Maddox will win that match. I don’t think he’ll do it clean or by himself but these sorts of scenarios usually end with the heel victorious. Look at it this way: if Maddox doesn’t win what will have been the point of his character?

An ongoing alliance between Maddox and WWE champion CM Punk is a possibility. Perhaps Maddox could gain his contract but still act as an official after a ref bump at Survivor Series, aiding Punk in retaining the belt for a second time. Or maybe Maddox could become a regular wrestler and be used as expendable fodder by the champ.

Whatever happens in the coming weeks and months I fully expect it will all start with Maddox defeating Ryback in some fashion on tomorrow’s RAW. With the roster crying out for a large influx of new talent I don’t believe WWE are in a position to turn anybody away.

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