Saturday 30 May 2015

NXTweet 27.05.15

Kevin Owens solidifies his spot as one of WWE's prime bad guys, has words with William Regal, then trounces Solly Crowe. Emma, Bayley and Becky Lynch all get attention, possibly preparing them for title shots. Alexa Bliss gives us a shockingly good new character. Corey Graves continues to be WWE's best commentator. Jason Jordan and Chad Gable do... something. All this plus...



Tweet 1: I'm going to tweet about NXT for as long as my internet holds up.
Tweet 2: Loving the slow motion recap of Takeover. Particularly Rhyno v Barry Corbin. Saddened there was no slowmo of Finn's entrance though.
Tweet 3: Banks being put over as "the elite." Great stuff.
Tweet 4: Then the only Samoan in WWE history not somehow related to Rikishi turned up. The end.

Kevin Owens promo, featuring William Regal and Solomon Crowe

Tweet 5: Kevin Owens trolling a Zayn entrance while wearing a Cena shirt. Lolishness.
Tweet 6: This is one of the few times I'm happy to see a RAW recap interrupting another show. Makes sense here.
Tweet 7: "I am a good man" - Kevin Owens
Tweet 8: Remember all those times Mick Foley said a heel has to believe he's the good guy and feel completely justified in his actions? That.

Owens is great and the championship means
something but that belt's still ugly.

Tweet 9: That Owens promo was better than anything I can remember from RAW this year.
Tweet 10: #Regalpop
Tweet 11: Awful music playing? It has to raspy-voiced piratical baked potato 'Solid' Solly Crowe.
Tweet 12: Loving the blank look on Byron's face.

Zack Ryder tells Renee Young that he's mates with Mojo Rawley and that he likes NXT

Tweet 13: Reading between the lines it's safe to say that Itami said he's going to murder whoever attacked him when he comes back. What a #man
Tweet 14: No, not Zack Ryder...
Tweet 16: Bring Zack Ryder in fresh from late 2011 to give the rub to Mojo. Smart booking.

Bayley v Emma

Tweet 17: Emma has completed her turn to the dark side with the implementation of new beach bum style entrance music.
Tweet 18: Emma looks shorter as a heel.
Tweet 19: "Beautiful suplex by Bayley!" - Rich Brennan on a rough suplex

The Emma Lock.

Tweet 20: Liking the blending of two singles feuds with this Bayley and Charlotte v Dana and Emma stuff. Subtly done.

Baron Corbin and Rhyno backstage

Tweet 21: How did Barry Corbin feel about beating Rhyno? He felt it proved he was the only unstoppable force in NXT.
Tweet 22: Then Rhyno rocked up and suggested a rematch. Winner becomes the most unstoppable force in the world.

Becky Lynch vignette

Tweet 23: This Becky video again. They won me over on her at Takeover. I don't need to see this again.
Tweet 24: Although in fairness this is the first time I've noticed Nikita (or Katie Lee Burchill) in that picture with Becky and Natalya.
Tweet 25: I hope Fifth Element steampunk lass is Lynch's permanent gimmick from now on.

Blake and Murphy v Elias Sampson and Mike Rawlis

Tweet 26: Heel Alexa Bliss. My word.
Tweet 27: So this is a Blake and Murphy match against two newcomers? *Looks at watch, waits for Enzo and Cass run-in*
Tweet 28: Devastating elevated punch from Blake there.
Tweet 29: Rumour is that the next Takeover will be headlined by Blake and Murphy v Enzo and Cass in a no-ropes barbed wire match.

Absolutely devastating sparkle splash.

Tweet 30: I hope Bliss still calls that the sparkle splash even though she's a heel now.
Tweet 31: Corey explaining that Alexa joined B&M because she likes sparkly things. No words. Solid gold commentary that.

Devin Tayor interviews Alexa Bliss while Blake and Murphy stand around like idiots

Tweet 32: Love this gimmick of all female wrestlers in NXT taking digs at Devin Taylor whenever they get the chance.

Finn Bálor v Tye Dillinger

Tweet 33: 'The Tyke' Tye Dillinger.
Tweet 34: How do you showcase your number one contender? Put him against a talented young gun like the Dillinger.

This is Tye Dillinger's ti- Oh, never mind.

Tweet 35: Dillinger has been around forever. If the next repackage job doesn't work we'll probably be seeing him in EVOLVE.
Tweet 36: Still gutted Team Jordillinger is no longer a thing.
Tweet 37: Note to Rich Brennan: don't describe one of your lead babyfaces as crafty. Craftiness carries distinctly heelish connotations.

Greg Hamilton interviews Jason Jordan then Chad Gable rocks up

Tweet 38: Earlier today Greg Hamilton caught up with 'The Real Double J' Jason Jordan.
Tweet 39: I hope Chad Gable starts using the phrase "Gable's able!" in his promos.
Tweet 40: Teasing us with a mystery tag partner for Jason Jordan? I can get with that. Especially if Jordan turns on whoever it is in favour of Gable.

Solomon Crowe v Kevin Owens

Tweet 41: I wish Crowe was still king of the hackers.
Tweet 42: Imagine the heat if Crowe was interfering in matches, channelling Paul E Dangerously and smashing iPads over people's heads.
Tweet 43: That's main event material.

What is Solomon Crowe's character?

Tweet 44: Remember when Owens would call his own matches using a microphone? Hoping he revives that on SmackDown or something at some point.
Tweet 45: Owens v Truth with Owens on commentary would be great fun. Maybe get Truth on too. Bickering commentary between opponents. Book it.
Tweet 46: The show should have cut to black when Owens pinned Crowe, revealing that Crowe's consciousness powers the internet.
Tweet 47: SAMOA JOE SO * CAL
Tweet 48: That star is a thing for some reason.
Tweet 49: Joe's here. We're meant to remember earlier when Owens said he'd KO Joe when he next saw him.
Tweet 50: Didn't happen. Owens ran off. He did make a comment about how Joe should have stayed in "oblivion" though. #TNAwful
Tweet 51: Great show, everyone. Good hustle.

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