Saturday 2 May 2015

NXTweet 29.04.15

A packed episode that advanced a load of stuff: tweaks to the Barry Corbin character, building Lynch up for her title challenge, further teasing Carmella hooking up with Bland Blake and Mundane Murphy, and the Zayn v Owens feud. Oh... and more rage from Alex Riley.

Recap of Owens v Riley II: The Ragening

Tweet 1: I'm about to watch NXT.
Tweet 2: Starting off with a solid recap of Owens versus RAGE.
Tweet 3: Alex Riley should change his ring name to The Rage.

Kevin Owens promo, featuring Sami Zayn and William Regal

Tweet 4: I hope this Owens promo sees him no-sell Sami Zayn and talk about Alex Riley instead.
Tweet 5: Put over Riley as the greatest threat to your title, mate.
Tweet 6: NXT general manager, bouncing Billy Regal.

These men are, quite literally, prize fighters.

Tweet 7: Regal using his Force powers to stop Zayn getting into the ring there. Impressive stuff.
Tweet 8: Enjoying the hypocrisy of the Owens character asking what Zayn's done to earn a title match. Nice work.
Tweet 9: Equally nice work on this Zayn promo winding Owens up.

Greg Hamilton tries to plug NXT tour dates and gets interrupted by various wrestlers

Tweet 10: This bland backstage lad is Greg Hamilton. How did he get a job? Looks like he belongs on a shopping channel.
Tweet 11: Everything about Carmella's character is ridiculous. She'll fit in nicely with Blake and Murphy.
Tweet 12: I hope jumping over sofas becomes Blake and Murphy's new thing. Put one of the ramp for them to leap over during their entrance.

William Regal and Sami Zayn about serious business, Alex Riley comes in, has a rage, and gets booked against Sami Zayn

Tweet 13: Lol at this booking of Alex Riley. This should be his new character. A deluded guy who thinks he's in the main event and isn't.
Tweet 14: Zayn v Riley. Why are these Riley matches happening?

Enzo Amore and Big Cass v Blake and Murphy

Tweet 15: Carmella's dressed like she works in a launderette.
Tweet 16: Carmella trying to gyrate in time to a "How you doin'?" chant. No, luv. Stop.
Tweet 17: Still amazed The Blake and Murphy Express have this 90's kids TV show theme for their entrance.
Tweet 18: So if Enzo and Cass are the number one contenders and they're facing the champions why isn't this match for the championships?
Tweet 19: Looking forward to finding out how Carmella's going to cost Enzo and Cass the match this week.
Tweet 20: Cass, don't use the high knee. It's not a good look on you.

Not exactly the greatest finisher ever.

Tweet 21: Had that match been for the champs there would be no champs now. Enzo and Cass should complain to someone about Regal's match-making.

Becky Lynch vignette

Tweet 22: "How important is it to my career to win the NXT women's champion?" - Becky Lynch, apparently competing for ownership of other humans
Tweet 23: Thirty seconds or so of talking from Lynch there. I still have no idea what her character's meant to be.
Tweet 24: All I got is that she wants to be the best and the championship is her focus. True for most wrestlers, Becky.
Tweet 25: That motive would be fine on the main roster because nobody has a motive there so anything is refreshing. More's needed in NXT though.

Bayley tells Devin Taylor that she can't find her headbands

Tweet 26: Uh-oh, Bayley can't find her headbands!
Tweet 27: Oh man, Emma had them! WHAT A PRANKSTER!
Tweet 28: I'd love it if Emma having the headbands was the beginning of the kleptomaniac gimmick she should have been given last year.

Baron Corbin vignette

Tweet 29: Barry Corbin there, standing in rain and looking moody and talking about not following the rules. #badboy
Tweet 30: Distinctly heelish. But how can a man blessed with The Power of the Wolves go bad?!

Dana Brooke v Bayley

Tweet 31: I like Dana Brooke more than most people seem to. Her entrance is way too busy though. So many flips and flexes...
Tweet 32: Bayley will lose because she doesn't have a headband to draw power from.

Such power!

Tweet 33: Dana Brooke, wearing the pink and black of Bret Hart with the heart motif of Shawn Michaels. #boldcombo
Tweet 34: It will eventually be revealed that Emma stole all this stuff from the merch stands.
Tweet 35: Dana and Emma high five. Bah Gawd, it was a setup all along!!

William Regal announces Finn Bálor v Tyler Breeze v Hideo Itami for Takeover

Tweet 36: Regal's worked office is Jason Albert's shoot office.
Tweet 37: Itami v Bálor v Breeze will be great and all but why is it happening? Ah, number one contendership. That wasn't initially clear.

Hideo Itami v Adam Rose

Tweet 38: I like how Adam Rose has regrown Leo Kruger's goatee.
Tweet 39: Why is Hideo Itami not being allowed to just hammer guys on Rose's level in quick matches?
Tweet 40: Alright, that was quick. But into could have been quicker. And there wasn't much hammering.
Tweet 41: I enjoyed that elderly woman in the audience looking really shocked at that result.

Becky Lynch v Sarah Dobson

Tweet 42: Becky Lynch? Do we have to?
Tweet 43: I like the implication that Byron knows a lot about this unsigned lass because he hangs around in the back letching on people.

Good submission application but I still dislike Lynch.

Tweet 44: Becky wins what was more or less a squash with an arm bar. I fail to be impressed by her.

Rhyno chats to a camera backstage

Tweet 45: Rhyno pulling a move from the Mick Foley play book and sitting around in the building's generator room.

Alex Riley v Sami Zayn

Tweet 46: Alex Riley has a new entrance video. It doesn't acknowledge his rage and it seems to be based on a cowboy motif. I don't like it.
Tweet 47: "Let's all rage together" - Kevin Owens on commentary
Tweet 48: Current topic of conversation at the commentary desk: rage.

Well done, Sami. That was textbook.

Tweet 49: Riley using the TKO there, perhaps the most WCW mid-card move ever.
Tweet 50: Looking forward to that Owens v Zayn v Riley match at the Takeover after next.
Tweet 51: "Thank you, Kevin!" - The audience, after Owens apron bombed Alex Riley
Tweet 52: I liked that episode. Good work, everyone.

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