Saturday 9 May 2015

NXTweet 06.05.15

A talkier episode than normal, perhaps WWE subtly trying to make people who rave about NXT more accepting of the standard RAW. They kept the emphasis on wrestling by having Hideo Itami versus Tyler Breeze in the main event. Which, y'know, is pretty good stuff.


Tweet 1: I am about to watch NXT. Join me.
Tweet 2: They should rerecord the theme music so it's "rage of the crowd" instead of "roar".

Emma v Charlotte

Tweet 3: Boos for Emma. Her run with Santino hasn't been forgotten.
Tweet 4: Emma's troll game is strong.
Tweet 5: Lady Flair still can't woooooo properly.
Tweet 6: Speaking of 'Naitch', Emma's channeling his early 00's work by wrestling in a T-shirt.
Tweet 7: Solid selling from Charlotte here. Don't get to see that much. I like aggressive Emma too. Good match.

Lance Storm wishes he was this good.

Tweet 8: Dat half crab.
Tweet 9: Emma's half crab > Lance Storm's half crab
Tweet 10: I liked that match. Could have done with Emma winning but I guess Charlotte's the one going all main roster soon so her win makes sense.
Tweet 11: Bayley flipping out there. Should've bitten some fingers.

Becky Lynch vignette

Tweet 12: Oh good. Another Becky Lynch vignette.
Tweet 13: They're doing good work with these Becky vignettes but I don't think I'm ever going to be sold on her.
Tweet 14: Her character has been so awful so far that I don't think I'll ever be able to get past it.
Tweet 15: Also, the whole NBexT thing doesn't scan. #scansion

Michael Cole interviews Kevin Owens

Tweet 16: Michael Cole calling out Owens for lying there. He's a big man.
Tweet 17: "Just tell me the truth, Kevin" - Michael 'Legit Journalist' Cole
Tweet 18: Owens demanding respect at every turn is such a great heel character trait. Amazing work.
Tweet 19:  Owens was never going to beat down Cole because Cole is a main event level announcer (allegedly). Alex Riley isn't, obvs.

Rhyno v Bull Dempsey

Tweet 20: Bull Dempsey. This gives me the chance to mention that he blocked me on Twitter. No idea why. Maybe he's thin-skinned, despite appearances.
Tweet 21: Enjoying the one knee pad look Rhyno's rocking here.


Tweet 22: Look how far you've fallen, Bull. From being positioned as a roadblock to losing to Rhyno in less than a minute.
Tweet 23: The dream match: Rhino Richards v 'Electric Wolf Shaman' Barry Corbin.

Sasha Banks backstage promo

Tweet 24: This Sasha Banks promo is so much better than that Becky stuff earlier.

William Regal signs The Artist Formerly Known As Uhaa Nation

Tweet 25: *Plays Uhaa's indy entrance music*
Tweet 26: Coming soon: name TBD.
Tweet 27: That was a good video. Can't help but think Uhaa would've been a good guy to give the Lucha Underground vignette treatment to though.

The Mechanics v Big Cass and Enzo Amore

Tweet 28: Big fan of The Mechanics generic mid-carders gimmick. They should be at every taping.
Tweet 29: The Blake and Murphy Experience attacking Cass and Enzo because they're jealous of Cass's height and Enzo's shoes. What a dastardly pair.

Michael Cole interviews Sami Zayn

Tweet 30: "Kevin's a liar" - Sami Zayn, spitting some strong words
Tweet 31: Zayn's babyface character is just as layered and nuanced as Owens' heel one.
Tweet 32: If Zayn can't wrestle at Takeover I think they should credit it to a backstage assault by Owens.
Tweet 33: That Zayn v Cena match was great, for the record. Exactly the sort of thing WWE are doing right with Cena right now.

Contract signing for Sasha Banks v Becky Lynch

Tweet 34: #Regalpop
Tweet 35: I like how Lynch versus Banks is being handled. They clearly want us to root for Lynch but they're not ramming her down our throats.
Tweet 36: Why is the match only official after the contract's signed? Hasn't Lynch already qualified as the number one contender?
Tweet 37: "I was a flight attendant, for heaven's sake!" - Becky Lynch with a line that sounds like it's from a bad stand-up routine
Tweet 38: Love Sasha having a stamp so much. I think she's my favourite wrestler in WWE right now.
Tweet 39: Yeah, even more than Roman 'Big Dog' Reigns.

Feel that sexual tension.

Tweet 40: Regal holding Lynch at bay with a falconer pose there.

Alex Riley backstage promo

Tweet 41: "If you've followed my career..." - Alex Riley, revealing that he thinks he's had a career
Tweet 42: There being a picture of Alex Riley on the wall of this room has to be a deliberate thing.
Tweet 43: "You're not going to be seeing Alex Riley for a while" - Alex Riley
Tweet 44: Looking forward to Alex Riley's return as a deranged lunatic bitter at the favs for turning on him. He's basically a modern day Rock.

Devin Taylor interviews Dana Brooke

Tweet 45: Dana Brooke's been on a roll since her debut. A whole two wins. Quite the roll...

Hideo Itami v Tyler Breeze

Tweet 46: It's Tyler!! *swoons*
Tweet 47: This episode of NXT had been really strong so far. Itami v Breeze is a good way to finish. Especially if Itami is on form.
Tweet 48: By "on form" I mean "wrestling like KENTA".

I like Itami's shin guards. Just saying.

Tweet 49: They should do a skit where Breeze nicks Bálor's demon mode headband and uses it as one of his boot tassel wraps.
Tweet 50: "This isn't Japan" - Byron Saxton on the USA
Tweet 51: Why does nobody ever refer to Breeze stomping a mud-hole?
Tweet 52: Imagine if Breeze v Itami ended with Itami passing out in a sleeper. I'd mark tbh.
Tweet 53: Production crew doing a replay of a top rope clothesline for some reason. I didn't think it was all that.
Tweet 54: Hideo goes over with his single leg drop kick via lamping Bálor through a guardrail. Because dissension amongst babyfaces.

Good bandy-legged work from Finn.

Tweet 55: Breeze getting booked to lay out both Bálor and Itami. Great stuff. Reminding us that he's the sixth member of The NXT Five.
Tweet 56: Really enjoyed that episode. Great work, everyone. Good hustle.

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