Friday 5 October 2012

Feed Him More

At the conclusion of the September 24th RAW Ryback appeared backstage to stop CM Punk battering Mick Foley. A week later WWE's hungriest superstar stormed the ring after the WWE champion had ordered commentator Jim Ross backstage. Both of these encounters saw 'The Second City Saint' retreat from 'The Human Wrecking Ball'.
The prospect of a Ryback versus CM Punk feud or match seems to have a lot of people excited. I think it could prove enjoyable if handled right but I don't think we're going to see it happen anytime soon.
The former Skip Sheffield has proven to be a surprise hit since returning to WWE with a new name and (slightly new) appearance. The slow push and demolition of everyone placed in front of him has created a star that fans can believe in. His "Feed me more!" chant, shouts of "Stoopid!", stiff ring style and proven ability to win have all encouraged fans to back him. Similar acts have been seen in wrestling before but as Ryback is the only guy in WWE doing it right now it allows him to appear different.

Fans cheered Ryback over CM Punk. That's popularity that is
WWE aren't going to rush him into a programme with a guy of Punk's level. I believe they're just testing the waters and gauging interest. Punk will clash with John Cena at Hell in a Cell and very possibly Survivor Series. With a battle against Mick Foley rumoured for TLC in December and a showdown with 'The Great One' at the Royal Rumble in January CM Punk has a busy schedule and has no time for a proper feud with Ryback.
It's possible that WWE would use the rivalry to fill time on TV but that would be a massive waste. A programme of that magnitude would need to cover at least one pay-per-view. Should the Foley bout not happen at TLC then perhaps we'll see Punk clash with his fellow Nexus alumnus then. If not then the earliest I can imagine them clashing is Elimination Chamber.
The thing is that building a bout for six months would be uncharacteristic of the global entertainment company. WWE is much more inclined to book short term, unless big names like Cena, Triple H, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels are involved. Punk could, at a push, be considered on the cusp of that status. But Ryback? Defs not.

More likely for Ryback is a resumption of the rivalry with The Miz that was first hinted at on the September 17th RAW. ‘The Awesome One’ should ensure Ryback doesn’t hear any unwanted jeers and a feud for the Intercontinental championship would allow him to be presented as a rising star without making fans resent his push.
The slow build WWE have been doing with Ryback has worked. They will not risk fouling that up by moving him up the card too soon. Teasing a showdown with the cowardly WWE champion is fine, but they won’t go through with it as that would either mean switching the belt or promoting a Ryback v Rock match at the Rumble. Neither of those is an option.
For now Ryback will have to remain content with his diet of random jabronis and low-card talent and the potential feud with Miz. His ascension to the top of the card is still a little way off but it is coming. Vince McMahon is said to see him as a potential number two babyface. With his physique and range of popular catchphrases it’s hard to disagree.

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