Friday 17 February 2012

Eliminating a Problem

There’s a very obvious problem with Sunday’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view (which I’ve previewed in full here). That problem is Santino Marella.

‘The Milan Miracle’ is not a credible edition to a pay-per-view main event, especially the Elimination Chamber, which is generally presented as being among the most gruelling bouts in WWE. His inclusion not only runs the risk of tarnishing that reputation but also the reputations of the main event and mid-card performers who are also in the match.

If Santino is permitted to look competitive against the likes of Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan they will end up looking weak for being unable to easily take care of a comedy wrestler. The plan is likely for Santino to work the majority of the match because he’s the only good guy involved who can wrestle for more than four minutes without getting blown up.

That he’s replacing Randy Orton, one of the company’s biggest stars, doesn’t do ‘The Viper’ any favours either.
This man should not be main eventing pay-per-views
But where there’s a problem there’s a solution. How about this for an idea…

As Santino is making his way to ringside he is attacked by über-heel Mark Henry. Henry’s more-knackered-than-normal knees may require Santino to kill time playing to fans in the aisle so that ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ doesn’t have to run too fast to catch him but that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Once Henry has smacked Santino about, knocking him into the aisle barriers and the cage itself as tradition dictates, he would take a microphone and demand that SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long instate him in the match in Marella’s place. Long would come out and inform Henry that he is not being put into the match because the perfect replacement just happened to be backstage. That may sound convenient but this is WWE we’re talking about, and in fairness the company is in a tight corner with regards to sorting this mess out.

The convenient replacement could be revealed as Christian, acting and wrestling like a babyface. Ideally he would be one of the first two men into the match against Bryan, Rhodes or Barrett as that would allow his new role as a good guy to be made clear early on and encourage fans to get behind him.

Turning ‘Captain Charisma’ may seem like a rash move but with Orton and Sheamus the only other two decent babyface workers at the top of the SmackDown card it makes sense. ‘The Instant Classic’ is more than capable of working against rising heels and could put a great series together with World champion Daniel Bryan. It would also give the SmackDown Chamber bout a wrestler for fans to rally behind that can work the entire match without being booked to take lengthy rest periods (and isn’t a comedy performer).

Hopefully this sequence, or something similar to it, takes place on Sunday. The alternative is going back in time and giving the spot to Gillberg, and that’s just not a realistic option.

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