Saturday 25 October 2014

NXTweet 23.10.14

This was a very enjoyable episode of NXT, everyone’s favourite one hour weekly wrestling show. Not watched in a while? It’s probably a decent jump on point.

The Ascension v Tye Dillinger and Jason Jordan

Tweet 1: Right then, you bunch'a marks! Let's T some NX!
Tweet 2: "Next generation of WWE stars..." - A commentator as we were shown a shot of The Ascension
Tweet 3: Two weeks ago: Funaki stretcher job. #prayforFunaki
Tweet 4: The crowd should be chanting "Where's your hair gone?" at Jason Jordan.
Tweet 5: Jason Jordan should totally go singles and start calling himself 'The New Double J'.
Tweet 6: Slik Vik and Special K: The Ascension.

Imagine Joey Styles calling this. "FALL OF MAAAAAAN!!"

Tweet 7: Decidedly erotic cover from Viktor there. Tye was probably too intimidated to try a kick out.
Tweet 8: Fuanki's lad getting beaten down there. Remember when he debuted and sent The Ascension packing single-handed? Debut's over.
Tweet 9: "Just go home" - Konnor to Hideo Itami

CJ Parker v Tyler Breeze

Tweet 10: Rich Brennan, Tensai McBurgerson, and Alex Riley. What a dream team!
Tweet 11: No sign from CJ Parker this week? Poor form, bro.
Tweet 12: Ah no, he had it stashed at ringside so he wasn't weighed down on his entrance. Good lad.
Tweet 13: CJ is clearly hated and they insist on presenting Tyler as a heel so who are we meant to cheer here?
Tweet 14: Give CJP his own YouTube and-or Network show called Everybody Hates CJ Parker.
Tweet 15: Mojo Rawley has walked out to ringside. The quality of this show has dipped.
Tweet 16: Mojo staring lustfully at Breeze there.

Tyler's boots and CJ's hair are easily confused.

Devin Taylor interviews Titus O’Neil

Tweet 17: Loving this interviewer openly laughing at Titus O'Neil.
Tweet 18: Titus basically said he's going to win the NXT title and rename the promotion NXTITUS. He is not a money promo.

Baron Corbin vignette

Tweet 19: Sin City movies + American Wolves gear = Baron Corbin

The Vaudevillains v Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy

Tweet 20: #Vaudevillainspop
Tweet 21: The Vaudevillains are wearing T-shirts to the ring, have new music and are doing an Impact Players-esque pose.
Tweet 22: Tensai is putting this over as a game-changing new attitude.
Tweet 23: Murphy and Blake should use the ring name The Meaty Lads.

Cesaro would roll up an uppercut here...

Tweet 24: Why are they talking about the NXT Universe? Does NXT not exist within the WWE Universe? Maybe my alternate universe theory was right.
Tweet 25: I think they should refer to NXT as a galaxy. #justsaying
Tweet 26: Blake does a kip up and acts like it's the most impressive thing ever. It's not, mate. You're generic.

Bayley v Sasha Banks

Tweet 27: Bayley's great. Tell a friend.
Tweet 28: Sasha Banks is also great, even though her character doesn't really make much sense without the BFFs.
Tweet 29: Lots of hip action on Sasha during that entrance...
Tweet 30: Alex Riley is talking about putting Ws in the win column again. Why is on he on the commentary team? He's so bad!

That may be a Scyther on Bayley's trunks.

Tweet 31: The colour scheme of Sasha's outfit makes me think of Ultimo Dragon.
Tweet 32: The Banks Statement is great every time I see it.
Tweet 33: Swerve turn from Becky Lynch! Swerve! Swerve! Sweeeeeerve!! #swerve
Tweet 34: Lynch's post-match taunting needs work. Right now it's a weak head waggle and brushing imaginary dirt from her shoulders. No.

Enzo Amore, Big Cass and Carmella backstage

Tweet 35: Enzo and leopard print. That's all I got from that segment.
Tweet 36: Here's another thought: maybe Enzo and Cass will split after Enzo gets jealous of Cass and Carmella’s friendship.
Tweet 37: Because pecks on cheeks should lead to heel turns more often.

NXT championship: Adrian Neville (c) v Titus O’Neil

Tweet 38: What's with Byron Saxton saying "championship" in such a weird way?
Tweet 39: Newcastle? Boooooooooooo!!
Tweet 40: Has Titus been sent to NXT to get some good matches out of him for a Best of Titus O'Neil DVD?
Tweet 41: I'd buy a Titus DVD from WWE. I'd also buy a YouShoot interview with him if he ever got released.
Tweet 42: Not least because I, like everybody else, would mark out seeing Titus and Sean Oliver in the same room.
Tweet 43: Looking forward to the day Sean Oliver is considered enough of a name to appear as a talking head on WWE documentaries.
Tweet 45: "Would he represent NXT the way it deserves to be represented? I don't know. It's a good question" - Alex Riley to Alex Riley
Tweet 46: Titus runs into Nev's boots and goes down. Neville then hits the Red Arrow and pins him. It could be argued that Titus beat himself.

Titus taking the Red Arrow like a pro.

Tweet 47: Why are WWE protecting Titus to any extent? Because he's been presented as a monster on NXT? That's not enough.
Tweet 48: Zayn and Nev agreeing to a future championship match there.
Tweet 49: Zayn says Nev should appreciate having the belt while he can. Nev says Zayn can't "win the big one."
Tweet 50: A guy in the audience says Zayn got served. END SCENE

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