Sunday 1 December 2013

That Wrestling Podcast Episode 23

Greatest tag team ever?
If you had to list your top five tag teams ever who would you select? That’s the question we pose in this episode of That Wrestling Podcast. Will the Prime Time Players make either of our lists? How about the Real Americans? The Big Boss Man and Ken Shamrock? The Rockers? The Midnight Express? The Fabulous Freebirds? Mark Henry and D’Lo Brown? Kai En Tai? Los Conquistadores? Steven or William Regal and Dave Taylor? Los Guerreros? There are so many options, and only five slots!

Also discussed are the names of WWE’s secondary pay-per-views. The likes of Fully Loaded and Armageddon. Basically it’s a focus on how ridiculous wrestling names can get even in the world’s most mainstream company.

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