Friday 24 August 2012

NXTweet 22.08.12

This week’s NXT differed from the norm in several ways. Firstly there were features on what’s been happening on the main roster, specifically all the fun and frolics that were had at SummerSlam Axxess. Videos were also aired to promote the importance of becoming the first NXT champion. Featuring the likes of Daniel Bryan, Santino, Ted Dibiase and John Cena, it was as though the people who’d put it together had gone out of their way to find as disparate bunch of stars as possible.

The show was also notable for two post-match run-ins. The first occurred after Tamina Snuka had beaten Sofia Cortez. The second was Richie Steamboat saving Vader junior from a beating at the hands of Kassius Ohno. Both were done to set up feuds, and there’s nothing wrong with a simple run-in.

The trouble was that they were booked to happen one after another. NXT is usually so tightly booked that the repetition was far more noticeable than it would have been on a more haphazard, anarchic show like RAW.

The final segment of the show was given over to an in-ring interview of the two Gold Rush tournament finalists. Hosted by NXT commentator Byron Saxton is was a predictable affair. Rollins spoke about how he’s always wanted to hold a WWE championship and guaranteed that he’ll accomplish his boyhood dream on next week’s show. He had presumably been watching some Shawn Michaels tapes form 1996.

Jinder Mahal sought and received some cheap heat by comparing Rollins to the underachieving fans. There was nothing fancy about this approach, but there didn’t need to be. It’s a simple feud for a simple show. That’s not intended to sound disparaging. NXT’s appeal lies in its basic approach to presenting wrestling.

The interview naturally descended into chaos, Jinder striking Rollins first so that the babyface could retaliate without looking unsportsmanlike. The two shouted and postured their way off the air. As an segment designed to heighten interest in the tournament finals it was very good. Yet another example of why sometimes a simple approach is the best.

Derrick Bateman v Antonio Cesaro

Tweet 1: NXTweet
Tweet 2: Did Regal just call Derrick Bateman "Dave" Bateman?
Tweet 3: Antonio Cesaro. Heeeey!! #veryEuropean
Tweet 4: They didn't acknowledge Cesaro's US title win at SummerSlam. He's not even wearing the belt. #tapedelay
Tweet 5: If you glance at Aksana and then look away quickly enough she kind of looks like Ricardo Rodriguez.
Tweet 6: I think William Regal is the only one who calls it the Gotch Style Neutralizer. Everyone else calls it a Neutralizer. Regal's great.
Tweet 7: A fan in the front row went NUTS for Cesaro's win. Probably an ROH fan...

Is that Aksana or Ricardo Rodriguez?

NXT championship video

Tweet 8: And now for a video hyping the NXT championship.
Tweet 9: Daniel Bryan, in full on face mode, believes that there are thousands of people who would like to be NXT champ.
Tweet 10: There's the obligatory Cena appearance. He doesn't even know what NXT is.
Tweet 11: It doesn't matter how much they talk up the championship, it's still a fugly belt.

Sofia Cortez v Tamina Snuka

Tweet 12: Anyway, it's time for a Divas match. The inexplicably over Sofia Cortez versus Tamina Snuka.
Tweet 13: Tamina looks like her dad. That's not a good thing.
Tweet 14: "The Samoans just love the physicality, they love to fight. They're a race of superpeople" - William Regal on Samoans
Tweet 15: "Was that not impressive or what?" - Byron Saxton with an attack on grammar
Tweet 16: Raquel Diaz looks like a cross between Beyonce, Lady Gaga and someone I can't quite put my finger on... #Eddiesdaughter
Tweet 17: That was a decent match. The prospect of a Diaz v Snuka match is less than appealing though.

How do you get heat in 2012? Use lipstick to draw an L on the head of a tepidly popular babyface
Jake Carter v Kassius Ohno

Tweet 18: It’s Kassius… OHNO!
Tweet 19: Jake Carter is Vader's son and still gets the "already in the ring" intro.
Tweet 20: I've assumed incorrectly regarding that intro on NXT before. I won't bet against Ohno though. He'll win. Hopefully via KO.
Tweet 21: Ohno matches always make me think of the ROH on HDNet show. Nobody agrees that this show feels the same. They're wrong. All of 'em...
Tweet 22: Ohno has borrowed Daniel Bryan's beard for the evening.
Tweet 23: Ohno won via the rolling elbow. Regal referred to it as the Dreamkiller. That's not a bad finisher name.
Tweet 24: A second post-match run-in? That's two matches in a row. Who's booking this?!

SummerSlam Axxess video

Tweet 25: Another hype video. This one for SummerSlam Axxess.
Tweet 26: Sheamus looks like like he's hiding something with that hat.
Tweet 27: Piers Morgan says he's a Lesnar fan. He's just sayign that to be cool.
Tweet 28: More from Be A Star. Naturally David Otunga is present.

Another NXT championship video

Tweet 29: More wrestlers talking about the NXT title. Cena says they need to rise to the occasion.
Tweet 30: And there's a random appearance by Ted Dibiase Jr.
Tweet 31: It's obvious from Cena's generic comments that he is unfamiliar with NXT.

Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel v Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis

Tweet 32: Kidd and Gabriel were being presented as a regular team months ago but they're still getting separate ring entrances.
Tweet 33: Jim Ross calling this match is A Good Thing™.
Tweet 34: Breaking news (on a taped show): Steamboat challenges Ohno to a match! It's all kicking off!
Tweet 35: Curtis is very good. He should be on the main roster. Perhaps he could become the new tag partner of Curt Hawkins.
Tweet 36: Referee sliding along the mat like a shark there.
Tweet 37: Kidd well and truly messed that springboard up. I'm surprised the fans didn't get on him for it.
Tweet 38: Double team Blockbuster FTW! No mention of Buff Bagwell, sadly.

Briley Pierce interviews Kassius Ohno

Tweet 39: Briley Pierce looks familiar… #Dolphsbrother
Tweet 40: Kassius Ohno, throwing some elbows after his match. Fine, no... that's fine.
Tweet 41: Kassius accepts. He WILL face Richie Steamboat. I expected nothing else.

Interview segment with Jinder Mahal and Seth Rollins, hosted by Byron Saxton

Tweet 42: Byron Saxton is hosting an interview segment with Seth Rollins and Jinder Mahal about the NXT belt.
Tweet 43: I'd like JR doing it but it's nice to give someone else a chance. Byron needs to be groomed for a main roster commentary spot.
Tweet 44: Jinder Mahal is 'The Punjabi Nightmare'? I thought that was Khali.
Tweet 46: Just a warning: promos aren't Rollins' strong point.
Tweet 47: Will he put over the ROH title? Doubtful.
Tweet 48: Rollins has wanted a WWE belt since being a kid. #childhooddream
Tweet 49: Jinder is going for the traditional heel promo, insulting the audience and saying he deserves the belt because he’s better.
Tweet 50: Very camp body language followed by a punch to the face. Mahal can do it ALL.
Tweet 51: Show finishes with the two opponents shouting at one another, kept apart by referees. Decent build I think.

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