Sunday 15 July 2012

Two Birds, One Briefcase

One of Sunday's Money in the Bank matches sees Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes battling it out (along with some other guys) for a MITB briefcase. Both men are ready for a run at the very top of the company, but only one can scale the ladder and leave victorious.
That doesn't mean only one of them can benefit from the case though.
'The Show Off' has recently clashed with Sheamus over the World Heavyweight championship, provoking mixed reactions in the process. He is beginning to be accepted as a prospective world champion, and he doesn’t need the briefcase to make the transition. What’s more, I think if handled and timed correctly WWE could turn him face and create a new bankable star. He has a marketable look, delivers in the ring, is one of the best promos on the roster, and routinely hears a few cheers mixed in with even the most hostile crowds.
Meanwhile Cody Rhodes, despite being plagued this year with tedious feuds and short Intercontinental title reigns which have done more harm than good, remains a great prospect for advancement to the top bracket of the promotion. He too has the WWE look and is reliable in every area a pro wrestler needs to be. He just hasn’t had the exposure afforded to Ziggler recently.
Here's a scenario that would capitalise on the talent and ability of both men that would create a fresh feud for WWE's stale TV programmes.
Have Rhodes win the Money in the Bank battle after a match stuffed with near misses from Christian, Tyson Kidd, and, of course, Dolph Ziggler. The writing team need to decide on a time for Rhodes to cash-in and work towards that. Personally I would go with Survivor Series: it's a flagship event and gives the company four months to prepare Rhodes for a run at the top.
To ensure the former 'Dashing One' is ready to headline he should be placed into feuds with established babyface opponents, such as CM Punk, Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton, and allowed to look competitive and gain some wins. Cena is not an option here: he will derail any momentum Rhodes has at any point in the foreseeable future.

A perfect first opponent in the post-MITB era is Kane: the two clashed for the first time at the most recent NXT tapings (in a dark match main event) and so viewers would not only be seeing a new feud but one that can help elevate a rising star and give a seasoned veteran something new to do.
Coming out of the Bank event and until Survivor Series Dolph Ziggler should be booked in his current upper mid-card position and get air time on as many shows as possible. Around late September or early October he should begin a feud with the WHC, culminating in him getting a match for the big gold belt at Survivor Series.
Heading into the event Ziggler should be booked as a tweener. Fans should want to see him capture the title and it should be clear that SS marks the beginning of his time as a babyface. Fans should be able to sense this and support ‘The Show Off’ as the star of a new era.
Ziggler would win the match and the title, clean and in the centre of the ring. While celebrating and posing with his newly won trinket Rhodes' music would play and he would come to the ring, battle back-and-forth with the new champ, and then KO him with a briefcase shot and a Cross Rhodes.
The case is traded in. One, two, three. New champion.
This scenario would be designed to get heat on Rhodes for ruining a special moment and spoiling the coronation of the new champ, as well as reinforcing Ziggler’s new status as a good guy by portraying him as the wronged underdog.

With a bit of planning this sight could be met with cheers at Survivor Series
Officially ditching Vickie Guerrero on the following evening's RAW would complete ‘The Heel’s’ face turn. He and Rhodes could then embark on a fresh feud over the World Heavyweight title. Having the gold on Rhodes means that he gets the opportunity to headline and the pressure on Ziggler is decreased: wanting him to get over as a world champion and a newly turned babyface at the same time would be too much.
If the feud went well 'The Show Off' could regain the strap at the Royal Rumble. If it didn't he could be tried out against some other top heels before reverting to the bad guy role.
This scenario wouldn't be a guaranteed hit, but if it did work then it would create two new main event stars and bring something fresh to RAW and SmackDown. Surely it's worth a try for that?

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