Friday 29 June 2012

Masterfully Avoided

Remember Chris Masters? He’s the guy WWE have released twice and has been campaigning on and off for months for a job with TNA Wrestling. He got his chance to earn himself a contract with a tryout match at a recent IMPACT taping. That didn’t go too well for him.

Despite having an impressive physique and experience with TNA’s Indian affiliate Ring Ka King ‘The Masterpiece’ did not get a regular gig in Orlando.

I’m surprised by this. TNA has never been shy about hiring former WWE names and while Masters cannot be considered the world’s greatest wrestler or the biggest name ever to be released by Vince McMahon’s promotion he’s a decent enough worker who has proven he’s dedicated to improving his craft. This was evidenced by the greater quality of his matches during his second run with WWE: he had honed his skills after being released from WWE in November 2007.  

A former WWE star who can wrestle to a satisfactory standard seems like the ideal hire for TNA. While I doubt such a move would have turned the company around or turned out to be the shrewdest business move in the group’s history it would have at least freshened up the roster and created some fresh scenarios. Those are things TNA is very much in need of.

How did TNA pass on that physique?

Masters made his name in WWE as a heel. His general demeanour and physique lend themselves to the role. However, he has proven surprisingly good at working as a good guy too. That’s always a useful attribute for a wrestler and would have opened up TNA’s options for introducing him to television. No matter which side of the heel-face divide ‘The Masterpiece’ came in on he would have had enjoyable matches waiting for him with James Storm, Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, and Samoa Joe.

I’ve not written this because I am angry about TNA’s failure to sign Chris Mordetzky. I don’t feel that his campaign for a job in Orlando should have paid off. There are dozens of performers that I think would make better additions to the TNA roster. I’ve written this because I’m surprised by TNA’s decision to pass on signing the guy. Their roster is in desperate need of some new names and Masters would, as I said above, have made a fine addition. If they’re not signing Masters you have to wonder what exactly TNA are looking for in new acquisitions, and even if they’re intending to brighten up their drab roster at all.

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