Monday 31 October 2011

The Muppet Show

When WWE says The Rock will answer John Cena's partnership request tonight on RAW what they mean is he'll appear on the Titantron, likely in a pre-taped video. There's a fairly good chance the announce team will be instructed to claim Rock's appearing "live via satellite". It will definitely feature some anti-Cena sentiments and put downs that fall flat, mainly because Rock is at his best when playing off a live audience. Miz and R-Truth will probably be ripped by 'The Great One' too.
Will Rock agree to team with Cena to face The Awesome Truth at Survivor Series? Of course he will. Not only has it already been announced by WWE but it's a great opportunity to escalate their feud by having one man blast the other with their finishing move. With WrestleMania season just a couple of months away WWE will want to start working seriously on the show's lead feud.
Let's not forget it would be massively anti-climactic for WWE to suggest the pairing only to state one week later that it won't happen.
If 'The Most Electrifying Man in All of Entertainment' were appearing on RAW it would have been announced and hyped heavily in advance. At a time when ratings are slipping and RAW is going up against the NFL every week WWE can't afford not to capitalise on an appearance by The Rock.
But RAW tonight doesn't need 'The Brahma Bull'. It has Jim Henson's muppets and the theme of Halloween to play with! What these two things will combine to create is anyone's guess. Presumably Gonzo and co. will appear behind a specially constructed wall on the entrance stage to crack gags at the expense of heels and make a few matches. A gag about Kermit not being as green as Mason Ryan would be nice but probably isn't going to happen.
With WWE's current approach to booking the way it is predicting matches for RAW has become practically impossible. By modern standards tonight's show should be a good one: guest hosts that will provoke a warm (and genuine) response and what should be the establishment proper of the Rock v Cena feud.

John Cena finally learns how to sell

As long as Oscar the Grouch appears I'll be happy.

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